An experience in the 1 year “anniversary” of Covid lockdown

Viva Frei discusses Covid lock-down regulation in Quebec. What are the consequences for human beings? What does the future hold when the government now believes they can make any regulations they wish and people will comply or be punished?

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3 Responses to An experience in the 1 year “anniversary” of Covid lockdown

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Scary idea, huh?!

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    This has been bothering David for a while. He is truly upset; he does not end with his usual admonition to check on family, etc, and has not uploaded a vid today.

    Sadly, Canadians are given their rights from their gubmint. Nothing Canadians do can ever change that.
    A growing number of our young people are starting to believe that as well.
    But we are all still Americans, and will obey our gubmint only so far, until our gubmint pushes too far and then all bets are off.
    Perhaps Frei has been spending too much time with those Ugly Americans.

    Guvner DeSantis has issued an EO saying no civid fines levied for disobeying gubmint civid regs are to be collected.
    It’s a start.

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