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Yes, I know there are only 48 states on this map. How many can you name?

Extra credit: List the state capitols!

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  1. czarina33 says:

    I can do 47 without pause, but always have trouble with Delaware. Noted Alaska and Hawaii were not on the picture… Probably only have 25 capitals, since I haven’t practiced in a while.

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    • Menagerie says:

      I might have trouble with those itty bitty states. If I back into it going with the ones I’m certain about I think 46 at least. When I was about my granddaughter’s age an old black man who worked for my father taught me all the states and capitals. I made a hundred on the test. He made sure of it and expected it.

      I’m ashamed now to think I don’t remember all that he taught me, as he remembered it when he was old. He would be disappointed in me and I’m awful sorry about that.

      I never cared as much for my parents’ opinion.

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      • weather257 says:

        Back in the 50’s, we used to put the states into a template/puzzle at my grandmother’s house. I can NAME the 50 states but not necessarily put all the names into the correct blanks (northeast of the Mississippi I’m stymied).
        Looking online, there is a colorful placemat with the states & capitols on one side and a blank map on the reverse with the capitols listed at the sides. Very cool learning tool for bright kids.
        Good exercise!

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        • Menagerie says:

          After looking at the map, I decided I would have gotten them all because I know where Maryland is (Chesapeake Bay), so I’d have figured out Delaware. The only other difficulty is that I have to think about which state is Vermont and which is New Hampshire. Don’t hit me G&C.

          I’m going to look at the placemats, thank you. I have eight grandchildren I like to help along with fun learning stuff.

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          • Never hit you Menagerie! even tho you are a bad doggie for smoking! 😉

            New Hampshire is right, sadly Vermont has gone way left from the days of “White Christmas” when they joked about no democrats in Vermont. “How to Marry a Millionaire” joked about no democrats in Maine.

            I got all 50. The only 2 that are tough for me are Colorado & Wyoming. Wyoming is a tiny bit more square. 🙂
            Here is a fun way of learning where they all go. It’s a puzzle for the 48 mainland states you can make for any of the photos available. Here is an example:

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            • How strange this took so long to show up. My computer has been having the hiccups I think! (It’s not like I wiped it down with Everclear 😉 )

              Oh well, these puzzles are where I get Wyoming and Colorado confused because they’re similar shape and also not in the right place!


          • Okay, I did not do what I just suggested to USMom to do, and I “lost” my response to you.

            I would never hit you Menagerie! 😉 But I hope you’re not a bad doggie and that’s a cigarette chew toy you got there cause too much doggie coughing = throw-up! (Flashing back to dog puke right on Mom’s favorite blue rug!)

            New Hampshire is on the right, sadly Vermont has gone too far left!

            I got all 50. The most trouble for me is Wyoming and Colorado which have almost the exact same shape.

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  2. The Tundra PA says:

    All 50. No problem. Now the capitols, not so much.

    Bonus question from an old episode of Jeopardy! (the Final Jeopardy! answer):
    One of the four State capitols that begin with the same letter as the State.

    *hums the 30-second theme song*

    I’ll check back in a bit and see if anyone gets it. No cheating by looking on a map, you know Alex Trebek would not approve!

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  3. Lucille says:

    No way! Does it count that at one time I could name both the state locations and capitals? LOL! Hey, I’m lucky I can wake up in the morning knowing where my own state is.

    As for our capital, it’s a bastion of leftism and not worth remembering even though it is beautiful. VERY LUCKILY SO FAR we are a solid Republican state even though the left is trying to AZ (Arizona) us.

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  4. Pa Hermit says:

    I could do 98% of the states, maybe all 48, but the Capitals would be a small problem as I’ve forgotten a lot!

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  5. OK, I’m way too tired.
    Here is a link to a puzzle website where you can make the pieces for any puzzle photo be the 48 contiguous states:
    have fun! 😉

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  6. nyetneetot says:

    I was able to find Puerto Rico, but the others have me stumped.


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