John Stossel: One Dose or Two?

This is really interesting.

Government’s “experts” botched much of the Covid response. Fortunately other experts — scientists, economists, and web developers, are helping save lives.

Government predictions were way off. State vaccine websites didn’t work. Now government holds back vaccine doses, reserving them for 2nd-doses. But they could do more good as first doses.

“We have given out more than 20 million second doses,” Economics professor Alex Tabarrok points out. “Those could have been first doses.” He helped convince the British government to change to a first-dose-first policy.

American experts like Anthony Fauci oppose that, saying they’d need to do long trials to determine if that’s okay, and in “the amount of time that it will take … we will already be in the arena of having enough vaccines to go around anyway.”

That’s the wrong way to think about it, says Tabarrok. “You have to act decisively and you have to act quickly. Bureaucrats are just not used to doing that,” he says. “When you have a tiger chasing you in the forest, you don’t want to run a randomized controlled trial — should I run left or should I run right?”

England, which took his suggestion, is now beating America in vaccinating the most people.

Other non-government experts have stepped in and made things better. One data scientist living with his parents made models that were much better than government’s. They became widely used, and government modellers even asked him for advice.

One woman became so frustrated by Massachusetts’ vaccine website that she built her own, showing people where in the state vaccines were actually available: Within days, it was getting 400 hits a minute.


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4 Responses to John Stossel: One Dose or Two?

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    They can’t even get the flu shot right. Guess which strain is going to hit? 99% recovery if one is healthy? The virus is real, the pandemic is a hoax.

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  2. Lucille says:

    “…says Tabarrok. ‘You have to act decisively and you have to act quickly. Bureaucrats are just not used to doing that,’….”

    Government–because it doesn’t have to fund itself via making profit on product but instead rely on our taxes–is slow, inefficient, and to a large degree the workers don’t go the extra mile but at times seem to take perverse delight in stringing things out. In the private sector, of course, this would not be tolerated. Governmental workers can also change facts on a whim. Lying is a prized skill set for many.

    See this re the vaccine…

    Fact-Checking Joe Biden’s CLUELESS Press Secretary
    March 9, 2021 – Dinesh D’Souza

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  3. Sharon says:

    The information provided in Oregon is completely useless (based on the reactions of my neighbors who are hysterically trying to get the vaccine).

    Every site that is providing vaccinations has their own methods and processes for people to sign up for appointments.

    Many times, the application process is almost completed when the individual filling out the application is dumped out of the program.

    The two things that bothered me last April and May as all of this began to develop are still the main things that bother me: The level of fearfulness and vulnerability to deception; and, the apparent conviction that the only thing that anyone can die of is Covid-19, and if they can beat that, they will live forever.

    The kind of hysteria and conflict and accusations (aimed at anyone and everyone)….all of these coming from those who are over 80 years old… just ridiculous. I’ve seen comments written by 93 year olds who can’t face the day because they haven’t been able to get an appointment–even though, according to the state of oregon “health” department, they were eligible weeks ago.

    What a mess. There is no basis for trusting any of the information that is provided about any part of this. That’s my opinion, based on observation, a lot of reading, and anecdotal information from personal acquaintances.

    In happier news–today I watched, for the first time, from beginning to end, “Dances With Wolves”. Quite a movie. I thought I “knew the narrative” of the story told there….good grief, there were so many subplots that I knew nothing about. The saddest thing to me about the whole thing is the wolf silhouetted against the sky on a ridge howling goodbye as Dances with Wolves leaves with Standing with First at the very end.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Agree re: vaccines. The ridiculousness over HCQ was what convinced me none of this was on the up and up.
      Heard an interview with Rudy Giuliani and the guy who found the MrNA treatment, and this was very early on, Jan or Feb of 2020. The “vaccines” are based on an experimental treatment for cancer, for which the vaccine inventor was attempting to raise money for further research.

      Dances With Wolves was indeed a must-see, quite a movie. But I didn’t see the ending in quite the same way as you. If a white man could befriend a wolf, there was hope for the white man to befriend the red man, and vice versa. The wolf always remained a friend.

      The ending of Billy Jack was the one that got me.
      To watch Billy Jack (Tom Laughlin) being led away in handcuffs was heart-rending. Until one sees what Billy Jack left behind.

      “YHWH Yireh”
      “The-Lord-Will-Provide” Gen 22:14

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