Too Many Lawyers with Viva Frei, Rekieta Law, and Good Lawgic

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2 Responses to Too Many Lawyers with Viva Frei, Rekieta Law, and Good Lawgic

  1. jeans2nd says:

    Didn’t see your post, but caught this anyway, albeit about 10 minutes in.

    Cannot remember who said this, but the point about Parler being dead due to ACS manipulations was correct – a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sure, Parler eventually found a new service, but things move quickly in the ether and most subscribers had moved on.

    One thing none considered, critical in the U.S. imo – venue. In our oligarchy, the courts are also oligarchies, and an attorney must consider the best court system in which to file for the best outcome.
    Kinda sad, huh?

    The other debates were educational, but having no legal background I have no opinion, other than gratitude for the free legal education.

    Re: Parler – Parler was doomed to fail due to their insistence on having access to user data. Selling people as a commodity is always wrong.
    For the same reason, the monopolists – Google, Apple, Amazon, Fakebook, etc – will also fail, eventually, by their own hand.

    Pres Trump’s shampeachment attorney Jenna Ellis has joined with John Solomon’s Just The News and now has her own tv show Just The Truth on Real America’s Voice. Jenna’s only been on two days, but she and her guests are really getting into Constitutional law, and promises to get more into civic issues.
    This would be a good show for home schoolers, but a whole bunch of older people could use this, too. imo

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    • glendl says:

      I provided some idiot with some Constitutional education on another site. He had ripped into some lady about the TX lawsuit should not have been taken directly to the Supreme Court, but had to go through the trial courts first.
      I educated him on “original jurisdiction” and how it applied. I tossed in the need for 2 more Justices to join Alito & Thomas so the Court could review it. I tried to keep the sarcasm to a minimum.

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