Unaccompanied minors – remember this?

Under the Obama administration policies, unaccompanied children were released to human traffickers without checking the background of the adults in question. From the New York Times:

They would like us to forget this, but I haven’t.



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14 Responses to Unaccompanied minors – remember this?

  1. jeans2nd says:

    ‘s funny. When all this started up again a few weeks ago, my first thought was well, this is where I came in.
    Guess this administration is really into circling back.
    How sad, for all concerned, most especially for U.S. citizens.

    And yet, this time it seems more are aware, more are involved, more are speaking up.
    Or is that just me?

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  2. stella says:

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  3. resolute says:

    And yet, in spite of all this hoopla, t-shirts, and tears, millions of people of all ages from all over the world continue to immigrate into this country LEGALLY every year, by simply following the law and its established procedures. Ours is a civil society. It’s not too much to ask, but is a requirement, that we all respect and follow the law. I have zero respect for those who refuse such a basic premise.

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  4. stella says:

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  5. weather257 says:

    The Trump administration’s war on trafficking was one his most shining accomplishments, and I think Melania was a major force behind it. Good and decent leaders.
    I’m becoming more and more convinced that it will be up to the individual states to restore law and order to this country and ensure safety to its citizens – especially the national guard units. At the speed the devils in DC are proceeding, there will be no mid-term elections; and their indoctrination of the military is the most disturbing element of their operation. Look at Venezuela.

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  6. glendl says:

    I lost a lengthy comment before posting this time.

    I was leading up to these kids are not my problem even though my taxes are paying for them before they enter the US. I do not care what happens to them. They are not my concern until loosed upon the population of the US,
    The Travesty is occurring in the Washington, District of Corruption*.
    What affects my life right now and that has my concerns is occurring in the Capitol and 0val 0ffice right now.

    * That comes from a great conservative philosopher I came across this morning.


  7. glendl says:

    70 million Americans voted for Biden so it could happen. The Democrat leadership added 10 million votes to ensure this would happen. No Democrat has opened their mouths to complain about anything, except that Trump is lying about voter fraud. 75% of the Republican leadership does not care about the electoral fraud.
    2 Republicans on the Supreme Court saw the need to look into the election process. 4 Republicans favored this to happen. 3 Democrats on the Court, had no problem with anything but Trump even though he appointed 3 of them.
    I Do Not Care about these kids because they are being used to take the focus off what is happening in the Capitol and the 0val 0ffice.
    On the way here tonight I saw where there are 2 million TSA workers with security concerns. That is problem.


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