It’s Caturday!

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  1. Lucille says:

    10 Things Cats Love ❤
    Cole and Marmalade (united States)

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  2. WeeWeed says:

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  3. just stevie says:

    yes…yes, definitely ready for summer 😉😁

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  4. The cat up top looks like a Maine Coon Cat or Norwegian Forest Cat ~ Beautiful 🙂
    So for a winter cat I found this beautiful Maine Coon cat with it’s own instagram page and news articles! It really is unusual coloring. This is Lotus who is 3 years old when inside picture from animalchannel taken and he weighs 22 pounds

    Here he is outside in the snow looking quite comfy with all his fur from his instagram account:

    Thought you may want to see an unusual color combo for a Maine Coon cat Tundra 😉

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    • The Tundra PA says:

      I WANT A MAINE COON!! Thanks, G&C. Problem is, they’re near impossible to find in Alaska, though with the fur and the tufted ears, they’re well suited to the climate here. Maybe you can help me find one, G&C. You’re a lot closer to the source. I’m not stuck on pure bred.

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      • Hi Tundra,

        I am severely allergic to cats, but if I were not allergic, this is the breed I would get.

        This site has a lot of info on the breed http://maine-cooncat dot com/

        I guess for non-pure bred you’d have to check out shelters. Here are some websites:
        https://pet-net DOT net/cats-for-adoption/maine-coon-cats-adoption/
        https://mainecoon.rescueme DOT org/index.html
        https://www.mainecoonrescue DOT net/animals/browse?species=Cat
        https://mainecoonadoptions DOT com/adopt/ They are closing down but still have cats to adopt out. Getting a rescue is always good. All our dogs were rescues.

        I then looked on line for breeders and cat associations. The only breeder I found in Alaska had a website that is now used for loans?!?! – so that’s out. So I started looking in Washington and Oregon. This breeder is in Oregon and does genetic testing which is always good in a cat or dog, and has current cats for sale, along with info about the breed https://www.havahcoons DOT com/about_polydactyl_maine_coons

        Here is a website with breeder lists to check out. https://www.catkingpin DOT com/breeders/maine-coon-cat-breeders/

        If you were to get a pure-bred at a cost of about $1500. (at the 2 sites I saw), you can find them all along the west coast, and in most states.

        A couple of things popped out at me, First, one breeder got all their cats from Europe. Second, I noticed a lot of the purebred cats at the Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association http://www.mcbfa DOT org/ did not have the lions collar which the cats I saw as a child had. I would think it would be helpful in keeping them warm in cold weather. I don’t know if they are wrecking the breed the way the AKC wrecked German Shepards. They do have a resource page to check out.

        I hope this gives you some leads. 😉

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