Donald Trump’s Other Removal Proceeding in Palm Beach

Donald Trump’s Other Removal Proceeding in Palm Beach

My Opinion: As an employee (President) of Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump is entitled to
reside there. Also, Palm Beach knows that if they are sued, it won’t be worth trying to remove the President. This is political posturing.

Apparent Result: The Palm Beach Attorney Suggested That Donald Trump Can Live at
Mar-a-Lago as a Club Employee

Since January 20, President Trump has lived at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. However, Trump’s neighbors contend that he is violating a 1993 covenant. It provides that members of the club cannot live there for more than three, non-consecutive weeks per year.

The use of guest suites shall be limited to a maximum of three (3) non-consecutive seven (7) day periods by any one member during the year.

I wrote about this agreement in December. On Tuesday, the Palm Beach Town Council held a hearing on whether Trump’s residency was proper. Yes, as Trump was being tried in the Senate, his neighbors were trying to expel him.

The Times reports on the proceedings:

On Tuesday, as Mr. Trump’s second impeachment trial began in the U.S. Senate, the Palm Beach Town Council met via Zoom to discuss if Mr. Trump was in violation of a 1993 agreement that allowed him to convert his Mar-a-Lago estate from a private residence into a moneymaking club.

Lawyers for preservationists and some of his neighbors argued that the agreement required Mar-a-Lago to operate as a social club that no one could live in.

“This issue threatens to make Mar-a-Lago into a permanent beacon for his more rabid, lawless supporters,” Philip C. Johnston, a lawyer for the group called Preserve Palm Beach, said, referring to Mr. Trump.

The town attorney, John C. Randolph, opined that nothing in the agreement specifically prohibited Mr. Trump from using the property as his residence — if, as the club’s president, Mr. Trump is considered a Mar-a-Lago employee.

“The language in the agreement regulating the use of guest suites to members for limited periods of time is not applicable to this situation,” Mr. Randolph said.

The Town Council did not take a vote. But it was clear that members had no appetite to pick a fight with the former president, if he even wants to live here year-round. South Florida shows off in February, but less so in August.

“It does not appear to me that there has been a violation,” said Margaret A. Zeidman, the council president.

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15 Responses to Donald Trump’s Other Removal Proceeding in Palm Beach

  1. just stevie says:

    Expected…but what a shame!

    I wish someone would start researching and posting every stinking thing being issued against him! I keep looking but can only find pieces here and there. If you know of a site doing this would you post the link?

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    Is there no peace for this poor man?
    Perhaps the Professional Hearings Caucus can go on Fox, NewsMax, or OANN and moan a bit more. Might that help, d’ya spose?

    There is no peace.

    “Fulton County prosecutors launch criminal investigation into Trump phone call with Georgia secretary of state”
    “Trump urged Raffensperger to ‘find’ enough votes to overturn election results in Jan. 2 phone call”

    “…the Fulton County District Attorney has opened an investigation into attempts to influence the administration of the 2020 Georgia General Election”

    What they won’t tell you is why the phone call happened at all (settlement of voter fraud)

    Perhaps Pres Trump should buy up some farm land among us Deplorables, and turn it into a Mara Lago West or something.

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    • Menagerie says:

      I’ve thought a lot about the impact on his family members. I figure, and evidence shows, his adult children can fend for themselves, at least I’ve seen that in Eric, DonJr, and Ivanka. But what will Baron and the grandkids face from the rabid public? Look how shabbily Melania was treated.

      I despised Obama, and because Michelle chose to publicly demean America and hate us I mostly am unsympathetic to her, she put herself in the ring. I was never in favor of derogatory or intrusive commentary on his kids, and they were treated well by the public and the press for the most part.

      As an American I am ashamed of what the Trump family endures.

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    • hocuspocus13 says:

      Wasn’t the Georgia Secretary of State mentioned by name in the TIME article by MOLLY BALL as being part of the conspiracy against a sitting President Trump?

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  3. hocuspocus13 says:

    After 3 years of investigation with some 18+ anti trump lawyers & 500 search warrants they came up empty handed against President Trump

    … one can only ask …

    When does it become harassment?

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  4. Menagerie says:

    “This issue threatens to make Mar-a-Lago into a permanent beacon for his more rabid, lawless supporters,” Philip C. Johnston, a lawyer for the group called Preserve Palm Beach, said, referring to Mr. Trump.

    Translates to “Oh, don’t let us have the commoners get in here.”

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  5. Lucille says:

    Palm Beach governmental bodies have hated Donald Trump since he forced them to forego their “no Jews” policy in accommodations. He opened Mar-a-Lago as a totally unrestricted club. Whatever Jews now in government there know this and if they work against him, then shame on them!

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    • Menagerie says:

      Usually I can understand other opinions and views, even when I really disagree. But I have never been able to understand Jews being mostly Democrats.


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