LIVE: President Trump Impeachment Trial: Day 2

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9 Responses to LIVE: President Trump Impeachment Trial: Day 2

  1. jeans2nd says:

    Oh no..Not being sucked into listening to any of this today. Listening to lies has always set me off.
    May Our Lord have Mercy on their souls.

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Yeah, I am going to skip the lies, too. I heard Trump was upset with his lawyers yesterday (who knows if it is true) because they changed what they had planned to do, which I expect he was aware of and didn’t approve when they changed it. I’m guessing they should have stuck with their original plan.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Heard same.
      Woke up this morning listening to your MonkeyWerx vid from a week ago, the one with the kid. Listened to the entire thing.

      That kid worked for Dr Navarro.
      Dr Navarro has been set free. Tenured, secure financially, and he’s staying in D.C., is on Bannon’s show every night at 5 (so far) wearing his Team Trump jacket, plus on the Sunday shows.

      There is no stopping Dr Navarro now. Tonight Dr Navarro is singing “Put me in coach.”
      If only Our Pres would listen.
      If only.

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    I will check back in when the defense starts. At least they won’t be lying.

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  4. Lucille says:

    Jeffrey Lord Read Through the Democrats’ 77 Page Impeachment Paper and Identified 75 Lies
    By Joe Hoft – Published February 9, 2021 at 7:18pm

    Jeffrey Lord, a contributing editor to “The American Spectator”, is a former aide to Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp. Lord is also an author, former CNN commentator and staunch Trump supporter. On Tuesday he listed the many lies embedded within the Democrats’ unprecedented impeachment trial.

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  5. Lucille says:

    If these two ever had moral compasses, they lost them years ago….

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