What’s the Plan?

I received this email yesterday from Catherine Engelbrecht, Founder, True the Vote. I think it is so good that I am replicating it here:

The question on everyone’s mind.  What’s the plan? Who’s got the plan? When will the plan be revealed? I know of no grand plan. I wish I could tell you there was an assemblage of great leaders who are preparing a powerful, unified program, but I can’t.

Here’s what I can tell you – True the Vote is steadily getting after it. What are we specifically doing? We are doggedly and methodically working towards answering some of the questions around what happened in 2020. We are nearly finished with a web app and API that will provide broad access to data and research.  We have been sued by and are countersuing Stacy Abrams’ group Fair Fight Action in a battle over citizens’ rights to petition their government without fear of intimidation or abuse. We are scaling up across all fronts: new and better website, training, communications, support.  And we would all like for this to happen more quickly, but it takes time.  True the Vote is a small (but determined) lot.

While all of the above continues to come together, there are some core constructs that I encourage you to consider.  Basic truths and to-dos that apply to us all. This is not the whole plan, but it is surely the beginning of one.

1. Stop pontificating – Your liberty is under broad assault; to speak freely, to assemble, to defend yourself, to a free and fair vote, to due process. Yes, it is really happening. Liberty is swaying like a punch-drunk boxer. Abandon your ringside seat and get in the ring.

2. Own it – Quit waiting for a fast fix from someone else that will make everything better.  There isn’t one. You are here now for a reason. We all are. We are the rebel alliance. We are the founders of our way forward. And we have to stick together.

3. Fear not – Fear is expressed in many forms; rage, silence, sorrow…they all come back to fear. Understand, that is what the opposition wants.  They want you uncertain and afraid. Don’t fall for it. Freedom is written on your heart. Follow that. Be courageous and kind at the same time.

4. Get local, get granular – Election integrity rolls from bottom to top. Start at the bottom and true it all the way up.

Search online to find your county elections office.  You can find the information on the True the Vote website, too, but don’t do it that way…find the answer for yourself.
Call the office on Monday morning and say “I want to get involved in our local elections. Would you please connect me to whomever I can speak with about ways to volunteer?” Listen to what they say. If they give you options to serve, go for it. If they tell you to call a political party to volunteer, call one.  Decide to engage and then do it. Every journey begins with a first step, this is yours.

Begin a new beginning.  If you’ve not been involved in elections before, moving forward you will be. That’s that. Choose in. If you’ve been involved for years, I still recommend making that call.  Let it be symbolic of a fresh start from the ground up. I’m going to do it too.  It will be a creation story we all share.

5. Pace yourself, but keep up the pace – There’s a lot of work to be done.

  • Volunteering in local elections
  • Organizing in a local election integrity team
  • Learning your local and state election processes
  • Supporting solid election reforms (and opposing bad ones)
  • Helping keep your voter rolls clean
  • Spreading the word, person to person
  • Connecting teams by county and by state

You can look to True the Vote to help with much of this. We are working to broaden our platform, provide the resources you and your team will need in the days ahead. But no one group can or should do this alone. There is power in collaboration.

Do not wait on anything to get started, just get started. On Monday, make that call. Inch by inch, person by person, let’s work together smartly and steadily to connect across the entire country.  If we do not do this now there may never be another chance.

If you are already leading a county or state election integrity group or would like to add election integrity to your organization’s mission, we would love to work with you. Please contact me here (and please be patient).

No political consultants, party apologists, or patriot pretenders need apply. We’ve tried it your way.  America bears unnecessary scars caused by your cowardice.  We’ll take our chances without you.

It will be ‘we the people’ who preserve liberty for our children. Keep the faith.

Ever onward,

PS. One more thing … be joyful. We live in the greatest country in the world. Do not harden your heart. There is more power in love than in hate. So gird up, smile, and leave the haters behind.



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11 Responses to What’s the Plan?

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Looks like the start of a plan.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    This is what I saw us doing in 2015-16. Then Candidate Trump and we stayed local. We scoured our local papers and tv stations. We went door-to-door, made phone calls, all done locally.

    Our local GOPe wanted naught to do with us. We didn’t care. We reported in daily to our Deplorables and exchanged ideas.
    And we won.

    True the Vote and the Tea Party gave us a solid foundation from which to work.
    How was it all that was forgotten in 2020?

    Being a leader is not in my bag of tricks. Being a good worker bee is.
    Give us an occupation. The leader, like cream, will rise to the top.

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  3. Lucille says:

    Thought this would be a good place to post the following. Lindell is putting it all on the line. It will be a deterrent to millions to speak out and become active should he be penalized by both sides. That said, I will ponder Johnson’s points seriously but pray that they will not be used to further persecute Lindell and us.

    Larry Johnson: Here Is What I See as The Strengths and Weaknesses of Mike Lindell’s Movie “Absolute Proof”
    By Larry Johnson – Published February 8, 2021 at 7:15am

    Disclaimer: We hear your feedback and noticed the comments below. We want to be clear, this is not an attack on Mike Lindell. We 100% support Mike’s efforts to expose the historic electoral fraud from the 2020 election. We also believe his efforts are courageous. Mike put it all on the line. This was intended as a handy guide to the substance that was delivered in “Absolute Proof.” You can decide for yourself.



  4. texan59 says:

    Catherine Engelbrecht is the real deal. She has been doing this for several years now. At great personal expense. Not just financially. She is spot on.

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  5. jeans2nd says:

    Robert Barnes, speaking with both Richard Baris and Viva Frei, has said he is setting up a site online listing steps to take to become involved.
    The guy in the AZ senate has also set up a site listing resources to become active.

    Wonder if True The Vote might become a clearinghouse for all things “get-involved” related?
    Catherine Engelbrecht has proven she is firmly committed to her cause. Imagine taking all the abuse she has and still goes strong.

    If there’s a place for us to help True The Vote online sign me up.

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  6. tblakney says:

    This is the thing for me , I live in Alabama and I see no voter fraud whatsoever in Alabama!! I have talked with the Secretary of State and I am convinced that his office runs fair and honest elections. What I am I supposed to do. This madness the enveloped the rest of the country is foreign to me!!!


  7. tblakney says:

    This is the thing for me , I live in Alabama and I see no voter fraud whatsoever in Alabama!! I have talked with the Secretary of State and I am convinced that his office runs fair and honest elections. What I am I supposed to do. This madness the enveloped the rest of the country is foreign to me!!!


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