De-Clutter Challenge

A number of you have mentioned that you are working on decluttering your homes, so I thought this would be a good time to repeat this post. I’m looking at it as encouragement!

In conjunction with the above de-cluttering schedule, you might also want to try the daily cleaning schedule:

Both are from the Love+Marriage blog.


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17 Responses to De-Clutter Challenge

  1. Menagerie says:

    I think each of us could benefit from this schedule, and tweak it to suit our own needs. We still have some stuff in storage from our move that we just need to get rid of. For some reason it seems harder for men our age to get rid of their stuff IMO. I sure did better at it when we moved than my husband did.

    Since my accident my son and DIL have helped cook meals on Sundays. They complain a lot about my stripped down kitchen tools, pots, etc. Nevertheless, we get along with what I have.

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  2. tblakney says:

    Now that is useful information!! I love this website!!! Thank you!!! Cold rainy weekend, three day weekend for me, I will get started Friday!!

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  3. I have very neat, organized collection “clutter”.

    My big question is how to sell items with value that i do not want to donate or find it difficult to donate. Unless it’s clothes, I do not how to donate large or breakable items. The only place around that takes breakables is a tiny church, so you can only donate when there is room. For some bizarre reason donation places are not operating like they did b4 the “plague”. Sadly St Vincent DePaul closed their stores/donation centers here. I found one place I can donate some items, but their list is very specific and the items are odd. A lot of charities now only want money!

    I tried an auction house, and could not believe how little money I got for nice items in new or as-new condition. I would have rather given them away.

    I feel overwhelmed by ebay, I tried that once b4, and am unsure of other sites. I don’t do fakebook, so can’t do their marketplace as some suggested. Craig’s list was awful! I call it “CREEPY”S” list.
    There was one online site someone suggested I was going to use for good quality, expensive clothes I no longer wear, but then I thought I have to have the clothes all boxed up sitting around taking up MORE space ready to go to the post office because with my crazy health problems, I can’t promise to pack & send them in the same day to at most 3 day window required. Then if they don’t sell, I have to unpack & donate them anyway.

    It’s my health problems and restrictions that get in the way.
    And no, I have no family to help me.
    I tried going to my church a while back to ask for someone to physically help me, and they sent over a woman who literally grabbed and pulled things out of my hand and put them in the donate bag. I had to pull them back and say “no I’m giving them to my friend’s girls. These others are for donations!”.

    I do not know how to find an HONEST person to sell these items online for me for a fee. Ebay does this, but they only want certain items that have to approved, packed up, sent, and they do not put a base value on the object before auctioning it. We figured out the auction house we went to broke at least one item reducing it’s value to basically zero, and I believe one expensive item the auctioneer said he wanted for himself, never went up for auction. This was supposed to be a highly rated auction house in business for decades.

    DH and I spend all our time with either his work, or medical appointments, or fixing up our house because we may very well have to sell it. In the past 6+ months I’ve honestly had maybe 4 weeks without some medical problem restricting my activities.

    Sorry for the long explanation, but DH is at the point he is going to just keep filling up the car with thousands of dollars of perfectly good items and take them to the dump. It kills me to trash things in great condition, and extra money from selling them is always a good thing.
    Any ideas on how to find someone honest to sell things for me or any other ideas? Thanks

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  4. hoosiertruthfan says:

    I wish I could help. What is the nature of most of the items? Everyday stuff, antique, large or small?
    I found a page talking about where and how to sell stuff. If your stuff is small, you may be able to do a phone app like LetGo.

    I know what you mean about Craigslist and had similar issues moving on items I couldn’t bring with me from CA.
    Best wishes on finding something or someone to help.

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    • Hi HTF 🙂
      I just got lost spending an hour or two reading that site! It has a lot of info on various subjects!

      A lot of my stuff is home and seasonal decor, as well as some kitchen items like a vita-mix I’ve used twice. Wool rugs, vases, even fabric I meant to make drapes with, but never did. My last house was larger than this one, and my next one will probably be smaller than this. I used to change decorations seasonally. This year I didn’t even get to put up a Christmas tree! I have clothes in good condition, but not new or famous brands. I have cocktail dresses with coordinating matching bags and shoes worn once. They are all very nice, nothing cheap or throw away. A few pieces of 1940’s (probably cherry) furniture, and the one piece of exercise equipment used as a clothes rack is a simple non-electric original NordicTrack. Last time we moved I bought and put aside new sheets towels etc to “stage” the house. I then found out my muscle fatigue, soreness and overly sensitive skin was an allergy to cotton so I have brand new sheets and towels, as well as all my cotton clothes to get rid of.

      I do not have a smart phone and some of these places require one for sellers. I don’t know how much they cost, but I’m trying to not spend money.
      Thanks for the link, I appreciate it! 😉


      • hoosiertruthfan says:

        I’m glad you enjoyed it. I did have one other thought. Perhaps contact a veteran’s association and see if they have some suggestions for items you would like to donate.

        I remember a number of years ago there was a charity started for wives of military members. It was a Facebook thing though. I did send off a number of very nice dresses, shoes and bags to them.


        • That’s a good idea 😉
          The 2 veterans’ orgs near me no longer take anything but money and certain men’s clothes. I’ll have to search on ‘support to military families’.
          Thanks for the idea!


  5. hoosiertruthfan says:

    I have to say that is one boon to having moved across the country. While overwhelming and exhausting in the midst of it, it was the best way to purge loads of things that should have been out of my life years earlier.
    The house was five generations of accumulated stuff. I kept what was special and/or needed, kept some purely sentimental things and got rid of just about everything else and I still filled two of the largest moving containers.

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    • Yes, paying for boxes, and moving stuff not used in years is enough to start your teeth grinding!

      A house with five generations of accumulated stuff – WOW! that must have been a Herculean task! How long did that take???

      I have started taking photos of things and saving them to my computer and also on a thumb drive rather than saving the items themselves. I’m just not going to have the room for everything, nor do I want to spend what time and energy I have on caring for stuff. I can look at the photos or even print them out and put them on the wall if I want.

      I give you credit, not only for the huge task of going through a 5 generation house, but for moving across country – that’s a BIG job unto itself!


      • hoosiertruthfan says:

        We had 3 1/2 weeks to prep the house for sale, get everything out so it could be painted, staged and to sell it. We went from a 1700sq ft house chock full of things to our newer, much loved old-style 5300sq ft farmhouse.

        On one side of the family, I am the last living member hence the 5 generations filtered to me. The other side, my mom was heir to the home and furnishings hence all the antiques both large and small.

        I opted to hire some help in packing the fragile antiques from a very good company. They specialized in delicate things. One of the hardest things was finding a moving company that didn’t charge an arm and a leg.
        The move went off without a hitch and only one small break in a piece of furniture.

        Our moving company had made contacts to help me move the large items inside. It worked out okay but it was the one kind of dodgy part. I’m sure they were addicts.
        My husband was gone for the first 3 weeks I was in our new home. He got back to find almost everything done. He put up some of my antique lighting, helped assemble the antique beds, hung up some of the heavier things and that was about it.

        The funniest part was when he came in and said, I see you’ve been shopping.
        He’d noticed a stunning antique cabinet that made the move with us but he’d never noticed it. The first home (my parents’) was so full of things that he’d never seen it.
        Ironically, it was the first piece of furniture I had placed in the new home. Once it was in place, it made the new house feel like home. It’s my anchor.

        I’m hugely sentimental. The history of these items means a great deal to me. Moving them all, finding the place for them to shine seemed overwhelming.
        I’m a little ashamed to admit I didn’t ask for God’s help immediately. Half an hour before the guys came to move the furniture inside from the containers, I stood in the kitchen and asked the Lord to have my mom help me. All of a sudden it became very clear were everything was meant to go. It truly was a moving miracle.
        My heart still warms as I walk by something and know that I had help putting it there.


        • Yes, movers are worrisome. For our moves (all 150 miles or less) I eventually went online to the Uhaul site that has current ratings and used them. The movers we chose were good. You can even choose movers to just move items in, not drive a truck, as you needed to move things inside, or move items around inside your house.

          That’s funny about your DH thinking the furniture was new! You certainly picked the right spot. I can understand you being sentimental about family furniture. I have my grandmothers rocking chair. “My heart still warms as I walk by something and know that I had help putting it there.” – What a truly lovely sentiment. It’s the right house when you feel God’s presence around you. I wish you all the love and happiness in your new home. It sounds wonderful! 😉

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  6. texan59 says:

    I am not going to volunteer to clean out Mrs. T’s purse, or her makeup, so I’ve already opened up two days just for me. Oh, one more thing, there’s no such thing as old books. That gives me one more day. 😉

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  7. glendl says:

    Tomorrow, I have to decide if I want to try this challenge because I sorely need to do something,

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  8. Excellent -dea, and most timely! Thank you!
    I do believe I might adapt that for a personal challenge or two myself!

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  9. Hi Stella,
    I have a couple of comments in moderation. I spelled my screen name wrong. Can I get a couple of get out of jail free cards for them please? 😉


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