What has Biden Done? Week 1

Even Day 1 was eventful.

THIRTY executive orders were signed in the first three days.

Well, as I heard Ted Cruz say, he’s not a uniter and he’s not a moderate.

Biden is engaged in a “10-Day Blitz” of executive orders to rewrite policy on everything from illegal immigration to America’s energy independence.

He’s working with Nancy and Chuckie to push the most extreme far left agenda we’ve ever seen.

Democrats all over the country have begun reopening their cities, showing that the shutdowns were a sham and actually an exercise of police state power – fascism. It is so blatantly coordinated!

This was their plan all along, and it could not have been more obvious.

And of course, the media isn’t uttering a word of disapproval or dissent.

Here are just some of the actions taken by the Biden administration this week:

  • President Joe Biden repealed a Trump-era executive order barring people who identify as transgender from serving in the military in most cases, as well as preventing military funding from paying for sex reassignment surgeries. This is a reversal of Trump policy. Biden’s executive order, which the White House announced on Monday morning, rescinds one Trump issued in 2017 and implemented in 2019.
  •  Restores collective bargaining power and worker protections for federal workers, and lays the foundation for $15 minimum wage.
  • Directs the Department of Education and HHS to provide guidance for safely reopening and operating schools, childcare providers and institutions of higher education (aren’t the teachers’ unions fighting against this?)
  • Requires mask wearing in airports and on certain modes of transportation, including many trains, airplanes, maritime vessels and intercity buses. International travelers must provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test prior to coming to the US.
  • Stops the United States’ withdrawal from the World Health Organization, with Dr. Anthony Fauci becoming the head of the delegation to the WHO. This is a reversal of Trump policy.
  • Rejoins the Paris climate accord, a process that will take 30 days. This is a reversal of Trump policy.
  • Cancels the Keystone XL pipeline and directs agencies to review and reverse more than 100 Trump actions on the environment. This is a reversal of Trump policy.
  • Rescinds the Trump administration’s 1776 Commission, directs agencies to review their actions to ensure racial equity. This is a reversal of Trump policy.
  • Requires non-citizens to be included in the Census and apportionment of congressional representative.  This is a reversal of Trump policy, and an action meant to favor Democrat politicians.
  • Fortifies DACA after Trump’s efforts to undo protections for undocumented people brought into the country as children.
  • Reverses the Trump administration’s restrictions on US entry for passport holders from seven Muslim-majority countries. This is a reversal of Trump policy.
  • Undoes Trump’s expansion of immigration enforcement within the United States. This is a reversal of Trump policy.
  • Halts construction of the border wall by terminating the national emergency declaration used to fund it. This is a reversal of Trump policy.
  • Extends deferrals of deportation and work authorizations for Liberians with a safe haven in the United States until June 30, 2022.
  • Directs OMB director to develop recommendations to modernize regulatory review and undoes Trump’s regulatory approval process. This is a reversal of Trump policy.
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10 Responses to What has Biden Done? Week 1

  1. TigerBear says:

    What can we do about it all? I am truly exhausted with it voting is moot and calling, emailing, writing ect isn’t changing anything. I’m asking in all earnestness as I don’t know what to do or in what direction we should go as we’re losing our Republic right before our eyes. 😳


    • stella says:

      Don’t give up, and remember that change doesn’t happen overnight. Dems have been working for this day for at least four years.

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    • FrankieZee says:

      We all have to get involved at the State and city and town level all the way down to the School Board. That is how the Communists did it. In another 6 months people will be screaming for Trump again.

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    • Pa Hermit says:

      Well T B, we need to take back our GOP Party. Start at the local level, then work our way to the state level, then the national level. Starting a third Party only divides the Conservative vote, assuring a Dem victory every time. I don’t like voting for RINOs myself, so the answer there is to not elect one in the primary. These people who are RINO can’t make it in the Democrat wing, so they run in the GOP wing. Vet these candidates and hold their feet to the fire. Repeal the 17th Amendment. Give back the Senate position to the current serving Governors, not the vote of the people. Government was NOT MEANT to be a career! Term limits! Enforce the 14th Amendment, citizenship counts. This is a start and it will take quite awhile to evolve, but it happened over a long period of time and there are no quick answers.

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  2. stella says:

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  3. jtrstill says:

    I’ve always called it the Wu Hu Flu.


  4. auscitizenmom says:

    And, Biden doesn’t even know what he is signing or what it means.


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