Remembering What is Difficult To Remember – Holocaust Remembrance Day

This is a repeat post, in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

One day at a blog most of us know well, we were visited by someone who wrote,

I would encourage those who believe anything negative about Hitler to please have an open mind and do some further study.  We are lied to about almost everything these days.  Carolyn Yeager is a good source for this topic.

Today is a day to remember – and to remind others – the horrors that were carried out by people who, at first glance, looked like you and me.

0921-the-holocaust - Copy

The Holocaust happened, and it could happen again.  There are many times in history when the mass killing of human beings took place as a result of political upheaval.  Genocide is the organized destruction of all or a significant part of a racial, ethnic, religious or national group. Well-known examples of genocide include the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide, the Bosnian genocide and, more recently, the Rwandan genocide.

Today, however, we are talking about the Holocaust brought about by the Nazis of Germany, and their supporters in Germany and other countries, during the period preceding and during WWII.  In the case of the Holocaust, it was mainly Jews who were vilified, marginalized, and murdered, although other political opponents, and other groups, such as Polish Catholics and gypsies, were also put into ghettos and concentration camps, where they were starved, subjected to hard forced labor, and where they died or were murdered.

While wandering the Innertubes, I happened upon many, many, videos showing film footage taken during WWII, particularly film taken by American troops at the time of the invasion of Germany and Poland at the end of the war.  There are those, like our visitor, who have been convinced that this Holocaust was a hoax (that’s what they call it).  For the rest of us, I offer this film which describes the history in Europe that culminated in Hitler’s Germany, and what happened during WWII.  It is called The Path to Nazi Genocide. 

Here is video of film taken by the United States Army during the closing months of WWII:

These films were made to document what was found, and shown in theaters across the United States so that our citizens were made witness to the evil deeds committed in the name of German National Socialism.

If you have interest in this topic, another good source for information is the website of The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

This must NEVER happen again.

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16 Responses to Remembering What is Difficult To Remember – Holocaust Remembrance Day

  1. Menagerie says:

    Even after all these years as an admin, I am surprised by the number of comments we get that are blaming Jews for everything under the sun. Thank you for this post Stella.

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  2. TigerBear says:

    Edward A. Bennett
    Edward Andrew Bennett, Jr. was a United States Army soldier and a recipient of the United States military’s highest decoration—the Medal of Honor—for his actions in World War II.Wikipedia
    February 11, 1920, Middleport, Ohio
    May 2, 1983, Paradise, Butte County, California
    Place of burial:
    Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, California
    United States of America
    United States Army
    Years of service:
    1944 – 1962
    1st Battalion, 358th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division
    World War II, Korean War
    Medal of Honor, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart (4)

    This is my children’s great uncle, uncle to their bio dad. We’ve heard the horror stories seen the videos and have cried with some of those harmed. Beyond tragic and horrifying!!!💔😢

    May he Rest In Peace.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      Exactly where we are headed.

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      • TigerBear says:

        Sadly, you’re right and not one that is stopping the lunatics! A lot of words being spewed but no notable action. 😳

        Without our President Trump we are sitting ducks. We thought the constitution was our protection……obviously with none standing up for it it is just a piece of parchment.

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    • hoosiertruthfan says:

      And everyone in their society had a label.

      “It came down to one’s label. The Third Reich was a diagnosis regime, obsessed with sorting the population into categories, cataloging people by race, religion, politics, sexuality, criminality and purported biological, mental and behavioral defects. Nazi officials created massive population indexes that compiled individuals’ medical, financial, educational, criminal and welfare records — even sports club files. By 1942, Reich Health Leader Leonardo Conti estimated that ten million Reich citizens had been indexed — 12% of the total population. These files, then, established the grounds for sterilization, deportation and extermination.”

      Putting everyone into specific categories simply divides us more and more. Scarcity of anything then naturally pits one group against another and hate grows.

      No wonder they want to wipe out history. It’s so much easier to achieve their goals.

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      • WeeWeed says:

        Back in the mid 70’s I was stuck in a sequestered jury (murder trial) with an older woman who had survived the camps as a child. We weren’t allowed t.v. or newspapers in our motel room so naturally we talked….and naturally, I asked her about her tattoo. What you’re saying above is all true, hoosier, but what she said it basically came down to was the age old sin of greed – they targeted anyone that had two nickels to rub together and made sure there were no family members left to inherit. She was not German, and was a Catholic. I don’t remember now where she was held – I want to say she was Polish or Romanian or something but she said anyone with means of any sort was a target.
        Which also is sounding familiar.

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        • hoosiertruthfan says:

          Thank you WeeWeed, I think it’s hugely important to remember the people that have touched our lives that experienced it. Thank you for listening to her.
          Nazi Germany was the perfect storm of greed, control, violence and just pure evil.

          I am of German descent, and my first exposure to information about the Holocaust shook me deeply. I spent years reading about it because I felt an incredible guilt. Then it was anger and a desire to make sure it never happened again.
          I got up the nerve to talk to my grandfather, an immigrant from Germany after WWI. He said, essentially, never ever let the government take your guns. Never let them silence you. You are an American first and your government does not own you, you own it.

          That is what is so gut-wrenching about where we are politically today. I feel we have lost this sense that the government is accountable to its citizens. Dire and dangerous things lie down this path and we need look no further than the Holocaust.

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    • weather257 says:


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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    My parents told me about the Holocaust when I was young. And, they told me the American soldiers were told to take as many pictures as they could and video to prove it happened because they knew it would be denied.

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  4. MaryNutmeg says:

    One of my better reads is a book by Hadassa Ben-Itto, “The Lie That Wouldn’t Die – The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” The author served as a judge in Israel, many items listed on “the about what she has done” on the back cover.

    A second book among my keepers is written by Milton Mayer, “They Thought They Were Free.” Another favorite, but one I don’t have is by Elie Wiesel translated by Marion Wiesel, “Night of the Broken Glass.”

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  5. WeeWeed says:

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