Tucker Carlson: fighting back as Biden plans to change the country at record pace

Tucker breaks down H.R. 1. What’s in it, and how it would change the USA.

Contrary to Article 1 of the United States Constitution, “Congress has ultimate supervisory power over Federal elections”

  • No form of identification may be requested by the state
  • More mail-in voting
  • No signature verification
  • Ballot harvesting legal, with no chain of custody

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2 Responses to Tucker Carlson: fighting back as Biden plans to change the country at record pace

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    This is a horrible bill.

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  2. Lucille says:

    More than a little stunning and scary. However, if FOX had been more truthful and diligent certainly by November 3rd evening in presenting all the evidence–word for word, video by video, assessment by assessment– of the voter fraud uncovered, maybe it would have given our federal legislators something to think about and investigate and act upon. And maybe, just maybe, Biden and his America-hating handlers would not now be in charge. So I’m not letting FOX off the hook.

    Since the federal lefties apparently are planning one-party rule, HR1 is the way it’s done. States’ rights, both in concept and reality, are being trampled by the crazed, maniacal Left. Will the states push back? Those on the side of preserving our Republic comprised of individual states must band together and work toward presenting a case to the Supreme Court. On the federal stage I can think of no other path at the moment.

    In-the-meantime-Idea: perhaps each red state at least should have a separate ballot for state offices and propositions/laws. States might even consider having a separate day for state voting where the state law applies and ID must be shown and ballot harvesting, etc. is outlawed. State constitutions might have to be changed for this to happen. But that way, a portion of the rights of states might be protected until SCOTUS takes the case and rules–hopefully- with the Constitution.


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