Arizona GOP censures Cindy McCain, Jeff Flake and Governor Ducey

The Arizona GOP also confirmed Kelli Ward as their chairwoman. Sounds as if the GOP in Arizona understands that the MAGA movement is the one that will save the GOP in their state, and the turncoats like Flake, McCain and Ducey must be shunned.


In a brief interview, Ward acknowledged “disappointment at the top of the ticket” but said she and many other Republicans still question the results showing victories for Biden and Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly. Judges have rejected eight lawsuits challenging Arizona’s election results.

Ward pointed to GOP successes down the ballot, noting Republicans defied expectations in local races.

Ward said she’s a “Trump Republican” who will “always put America first, who believes in faith, family and freedom.” The way forward for the GOP, she said, is keeping Trump’s 74 million voters engaged.

“Yes, I will be radical about those things because those are the things that keep this country great,” Ward said. “The people who are complaining are the people who actually put us in this spot where we are in Arizona, people who have been mamby pamby, lie down and allow the Democrats to walk all over them.”

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11 Responses to Arizona GOP censures Cindy McCain, Jeff Flake and Governor Ducey

  1. jeans2nd says:

    Arizona is also hell bent on having their way with inspection of the ballots and voting machines in Maricopa County. Kelli Ward is a fighter. She’s been on Bannon’s show several times.
    McCain in her twitter feed said she doesn’t care. My money’s on Kelli Ward in this one.

    Liz Cheney is also in big trouble back home. Those people actually think Cheney is in Congress to represent their views, not Cheney’s views. Imagine the hubris of those Wyoming Non-Essential Chump Deplorables.

    WY GOP chair is working on a state-wide GOP censure, and a call back home for Cheney.
    Carbon County has already censured Cheney.
    Listened to the WY GOP chair yesterday and the Saturday prior, and the Carbon Cty GOP chair one day last week. Yup, Bannon’s show. Bannon somehow gets great interviews.

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  2. TigerBear says:

    As being censure is only a formal disapproval I see no benefit whatsoever. Can anyone clarify why this is such good news? I’m not seeing the point of it.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Cannot speak as to the motivation of the Arizona GOP, but to me it is telling these corrupt politicians Arizona is no longer McCain graft and corruption but America First MAGA.

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      • TigerBear says:

        Thank you for the reply. 😁
        I see. Kind of like when you tell your child you don’t like their behavior, but without any consequences to said unliked behavior that behavior continues. Politicians are far worse than children as children do learn, eventually. 😀

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  3. jeans2nd says:

    McCain et al are now old news.
    Moving on…

    Prescott eNews put out this vid last Friday, 22 Jan 2021.
    The vid updates the status of the Arizona legislature’s effort on Arizona’s vote fraud.
    The first few minutes is enough, but if you’ve time the entire vid is informative.

    The AZ legislature has been contacted by 15 other states. The AZ senator said they had spent the last 12 weeks being educated by Mayor Rudy and Dr John Eastman.
    None had any idea of state legislature’s power.

    “Update on Maricopa County Voting Machine Audit” 22 Jan 2021 23:48
    “Lyle Rapacki interviews Arizona Senator Sonny Borrelli about what has been happening between the Arizona Senate and the Maricopa Board of Supervisors over the audit of the voting machines and ballots.”

    Listening right now to Georgia Senator Brandon Beech. Six bills have been introduced to negate the Stacey Abrams illegal agreement, and Sen Beech is going to Georgia county GOPs and educating them.
    A caller (didn’t hear her name) is saying the Georgia GOP is moving to censure Guv Kemp, Raffensberger, and that other snotty little putz whose name escapes.

    Not a Rusty Trusty Plan.

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    • TigerBear says:

      “The AZ legislature has been contacted by 15 other states. The AZ senator said they had spent the last 12 weeks being educated by Mayor Rudy and Dr John Eastman.
      None had any idea of state legislature’s power.”

      This absolutely floors me and terrifies me at the same time! This is devastating for our country as too few even know what their jobs are in office and the powers they have. I’m actually shocked 😮 No wonder we’re going to hell in a hand basket!

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Corrections – Wyoming has censured Cheney and is asking for her resignation. WY GOP chair on Bannon now.

      Dr Kelly Ward, AZ GOP chair, has set new rules for AZ Republicans – America First, or buh bye. Dr Ward just on Bannon. What an awesome lady! Today is Dr Ward’s birthday.

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