The Politics of Ruin: What Can You Do Now…ACTUALLY DO!

The latest from Bill Whittle.

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9 Responses to The Politics of Ruin: What Can You Do Now…ACTUALLY DO!

  1. just stevie says:

    I’m not sure that mental health was the primary reason for homelessness. Saying that…if circumstances of losing my job, my house, my car…put me on the streets, then at that point I may become mentally unstable with hopelessness. Covid put many of our families on the streets…governments shutting down economies, businesses, jobs! And I’m afraid that the worst is not over yet once the moratorium on rent and mortgages is over. Help comes from individuals helping others…one on one! If one person helps one person…then some form of progress against homelessness is made. I think this is the way we could change lives.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      Cool. 🙂

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    • stella says:

      The homelessness in Los Angeles has been there for decades and reached almost the level it is at now before Covid came to visit. Same for other West Coast cities like Seattle and San Francisco.

      Speaking for what we see here in the Detroit area, many of those on the street do not want to go into shelters or any other place where there are rules because they are alcoholics, drug addicts or both. It is easy to see because we have severe winter weather here, and many choose to remain on the streets or in abandoned buildings rather than go into a nice warm shelter with beds, blankets and warm meals.

      And yes, I believe that mental illness is a huge component in the “homeless” population, particularly in warm weather cities. When we still had a mental health structure in this country, many of these people would be institutionalized. Now they are on the streets or in jail. A huge proportion of the prison population are mentally ill.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    JC Bliss has coined a term which succinctly describes what Whittle discusses – the Homeless Industrial Complex. Iow, democrat graft and corruption.

    One thing Whittle does not mention, and should imo, is all the codes regulations enabling all the homelessness.
    Remember when HUD Sec Dr Ben showcased his tiny homes? Small, extremely compact, some were even on wheels.
    Going to CA and talking with all the grifters, aka Democrat politicians, Dr Ben was firmly shown why every one of Dr Ben’s houses failed passing all the codes and regulations.

    In one of my Psych classes, we toured Massillion State Hospital, which was the mental hospital, since closed.
    The patients were very well controlled, as they were receiving proper medication and generally led peaceful lives.

    Closing the mental hospitals that were doing a good job was a monstrous mistake. imo

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