Biden Inauguration

What are the odds they will pipe in some fake applause when Biden speaks too?

DC is becoming Pyongyang on the Potomac.

PS: Remember the discussion about how empty the mall was when President Trump was inaugurated?

Inauguration Photos – Which ones are real?

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5 Responses to Biden Inauguration

  1. Lucille says:

    How true, how true!

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  2. hoosiertruthfan says:

    Kind of surprising the colors are red, white and blue.
    Since each flag is a single color and NOT the American flag, those are some flags I could support burning.

    It’s a sham inauguration and it will be a sham presidency. Disgraceful.

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  3. glendl says:

    Inauguration Photos – “Which ones are real?”
    Therein lies the problem: Which ones are real? What is real?
    The media damned everything connected to Trump in any way.

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  4. jeans2nd says:

    This isn’t surprising at all, when one remembers all these folks are merely acting out the season’s first show of the ongoing D.C. melodrama, The People’s Republic of West Wing, all written up for our entertainment by the D.C. wannabe script writers of Hell-e-would, possibly even written by The Tippy-Top script guy himself, Ben Rhodes.

    Have you yet heard David Rhodes, some big Whig guy at CBS and brother of aforementioned Ben Rhodes, is moving to Fox News?
    What fun.

    And so it goes.

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