New calls for censorship of media …

Explain to me what is the OANN and NewsMax PROBLEM? (see tweet, below)

Next on the agenda is censorship of conservative television and radio news outlets. There are even renewed calls for restoration and extension of the Fairness Doctrine which, in my opinion, is unconstitutional because it abridges free speech as protected in the First Amendment.

The video, from CNN (of course):

These guys think it is a bad thing that Americans can seek out differing views. Note that he considers left leaning news as “fact based”.

In my view, as long as nobody is inciting violence, riots, or overthrowing the government, public expression of opinion (radical views in the left’s opinion = anything they don’t agree with) is perfectly acceptable, whether or not I agree with what is being said. And, in opposition to what many people think, even lies are allowable under the Constitution. Yes, there are laws governing speech, such as lying under oath (perjury), defamation etc.

The Supreme Court explained its rationale a few years ago in U.S. v. Alvarez, 567 U.S. 709 (2012). That case dealt with a federal statute making it illegal to falsely claim that you had won any medal that Congress had authorized to be awarded to the armed forces.

The federal government argued that false speech had no value and therefore was not protected, pointing to cases upholding laws limiting false speech.

But the Supreme Court rejected that argument, noting that the cases where it has upheld laws limiting false speech dealt with “defamation, fraud, or some other legally cognizable harm associated with a false statement.”

“The Court has never endorsed the categorical rule the Government advances: that false statements receive no First Amendment protection.

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3 Responses to New calls for censorship of media …

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Yes, we must shut down all voices that are of the Right. Claiming that they’re violence favoring? Antifa and BLM which are both violence leaning groups, are never censored and rarely use any of the Right blogs, such as Parler or Gab. These people that make these decisions on censoring need reigned in big time.

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  2. texan59 says:

    We are likely to encounter pushback from the left at a level we can’t comprehend, even in this hyper-charged emotional time we’re in right now. The David Brock’s of the world are sharpening their pencils and getting ready to unleash a hurricane. I just wonder if our side is even going to push back at a federal level. I’m not optimistic. We have far too many who are in DC that want to go to parties and have people like them and get their name and picture on the front page of WaPo.

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