Video reportedly shows journo affiliated with NBC, NPR inside U.S. Capitol filming with arrested leftist

Makes me wonder how many other leftists were involved, particularly the journalists. Note that Politifact and others are doing their best to whitewash both her involvement (as just doing her job as a journalist) and Sullivan (just documenting the riot). The video shows something else.


Video of the incursion into the U.S. Capitol Building during a riot earlier this month appears to show a journalist affiliated with NBC and NPR with another man who’s been charged in the incident.

“I’ll give you your hug now. You were right. We did it! You were right, we did it!” says a woman identified as photojournalist Jade Sacker to a man who is taking video of the incursion.

“Dude, I was trying to tell you. I couldn’t say much,” the man — believed by some to be left-wing agitator John Sullivan — says in response.

“You were right!” Sacker replies, laughing.

Co-host of Moderate Rebels Max Blumenthal reminded that CNN featured Sullivan on their network as an ‘activist’ documenting the Capitol scene. He also joins the growing chorus claiming that the woman with him during the CNN segment, Jade Sacker, was also with him in the video taken inside the capitol.

Note that Blumenthal is no friend of Trump or any conservatives.

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5 Responses to Video reportedly shows journo affiliated with NBC, NPR inside U.S. Capitol filming with arrested leftist

  1. stella says:

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Sullivan has the smell of FIB/CIA all over him.

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  3. jeans2nd says:

    Oh gosh, where to begin?

    First off, these guys are neither right-wing nor left-wing. They are anarchists.
    Would that our “leaders” accept this fact and stop with all the bs labeling.

    These guys are APs – Agent Provocateurs. These particular guys are the most highly trained Special Forces of the anarchists.
    They trained and fought with the YPK Kurds and the Syrian Free Army.
    They trained and fought with the Hong Kongers. The Hong Kongers have the moral high-ground. The anarchists do not.

    FBI didn’t need to send these guys. FBI knew exactly what these anarchists would do. If we know, which we do, how could FBI not know? Same with the “journalists” and NBC.
    Just allow these guys do what they do, and allow the politicos do what they do.
    Predictable. Fun to watch. Then become the heroes the politicos gift with larger budgets.
    Qui Bono?

    As for Max Blumenthal – Blumenthal is the second string of the anarchists. Blumie and his group at the Grayzone hate this country with a passion. Blame the American Imperialists for every wrong and evil thing in this world. Heck, one of them recently interviewed Maduro’s Foreign Minister.
    They would love nothing more than to turn this country into a Maduro/Castro Paradise.

    More info on the anarchists – Have been following Michael Yon for a very long time. He knows that of which he speaks. This vid is worth your time –

    ‘Agent Provocateur’ Tactics Seen at Jan 6 US Capitol Protest—Interview With Michael Yon | Crossroads 19:34

    It is difficult to put years of knowledge into a few sentences.
    Apologies for length

    (Nate the Lawyer’s vid is also worth the time)

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