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As Richard Grenell commented, “This is why rushing the impeachment vote was clearly a political move – not a thoughtful process as designed.


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  1. jeans2nd says:

    Oh dear.
    John Sullivan has been charged by the Feds.
    Anderson Cooper (CN&N) interviewed John Sullivan a few days ago, as did Chris Hayes (MSDNC).
    And the only ones mentioned in the CN&N article is Proud Boys.

    John Sullivan is a BLM anarchist, already charged in Utah.
    Perhaps Sullivan is a Romney guy? (ok, that’s not true. but it’s funny lol)

    Info from former NYPD Commish just now on Bannon’s War Room.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    This doesn’t belong in General Discussion, and this backs up the CN&N article.

    Attorney Nate Broady, aka Nate the Lawyer.
    Broady is not likable, imo, as he is arrogant. Broady is a worth the listen, as Broady is indefatigable in finding a defend-able explanation.

    See what you think. Broady makes sense to me, and seems to be more dispassionate in his analysis. imo
    (i have been known to be incorrect. from time to time)

    “I Know What Went Wrong | Capitol Riots | PART 2 | Was this an Inside Job”? 14:52


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