Dersh vs. Barnes – Forced Vaccinations; Mask Mandates; HIPPA Violations – Viva Live Stream

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10 Responses to Dersh vs. Barnes – Forced Vaccinations; Mask Mandates; HIPPA Violations – Viva Live Stream

  1. stella says:

    I wish Dershowitz would stick to legal arguments and drop his rants about religious objections to gay marriage etc. Otherwise, the discussion is a good one.

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  2. Pa Hermit says:

    Didn’t have enough time to listen to the whole thing, but one point that never seemed to crop up was that if this pandemic was so deadly as to invoke a mandatory vaccination, why hasn’t the death rate skyrocketed from the years before? If say in 2019 and prior years the death toll in America was around 500,000, and in 2020 the death toll was not much higher, is that an indicator of the seriousness to dictate a mandatory vaccination? Sure, the medical industry can say that someone HAS the covid 19 in their body, but maybe that individual had a heart attack and died from that. What I’m kinda leaning towards is that just because it was in your body, was it the CAUSE of death? I don’t see the numbers that would even cause the question to be broached! I’m no doctor or scientist, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night, LOL!

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    • stella says:

      That wasn’t exactly the point of the discussion, although they all agreed that there would have to be evidence that the vaccine was needed to protect the public and that it is safe. The discussion was more broad than just dealing with this specific virus.

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      • Pa Hermit says:

        I did hear them say that the recovery rate was very good, why then make it mandatory unless there’s another motive, such as tracking your movements. They can do that now with your smart phones, even if turned off! To eliminate that situation, one must separate the phone from the battery. Which brings up another question on tracking. The face mask with social distancing. If one of those works, why both? Maybe it gives Big Government the ability to perfect “facial recognition” without other faces close by? The original excuse back in March, 2020 was to slow the curve, and that was for 2 weeks. Why are we still doing this crap? All those that had it are immune and won’t spread it. Hoax and power came to mind many moons ago.


        • stella says:

          The discussion was about whether or not it would be Constitutional for the government to require or force vaccination – a legal discussion. Whether or not they discussed anything about Covid is a side issue.

          I can see that you want to discuss Covid, but it has very little to do with the legal discussion here. Watch the entire video and then feel free to comment away, but don’t do that in absence of watching the video.


    • stella says:

      In other words, this was a legal discussion (they are lawyers, not public health officials or doctors.)

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  3. jeans2nd says:

    What an enjoyable listen was this!
    Highly intelligent real debate without rancor or animosity. Amazing. Oh, to have this required listening in our schools.

    Can you imagine how David Freiwhatsits felt?
    Here he is, a nobody attorney in Canada, hosting/moderating two of the finest legal minds in the U.S.
    Only in America, folks, only in America.

    Btw, Barnes was incorrect at one point & no one called Barnes out. Around the 1 hour 16 minute mark, Barnes said O.J. was innocent.
    O.j. was not guilty. There is a difference.
    Also, Jason Goodman – a grifter who never met a conspiracy he couldn’t grift for money. Dersh was taken in. Surprised Lt Gen Thomas McInerny hasn’t been grifted by Goodman yet.

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