Young female Trump supporter shot and possibly killed in the Capitol

UPDATE: I heard just before 6:00 pm on One America News that the  young woman has died.

An UNARMED young woman was shot and possibly killed today by Capitol police or National Guardsmen.

I wonder if there will be riots in support?

He makes a good point:


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26 Responses to Young female Trump supporter shot and possibly killed in the Capitol

  1. glendl says:

    The Guardsmen are not supposed to be armed.
    I guess the Capitol police are not as well trained as we have been led to believe.
    Disarm the Capitol Police.

    On the other hand, do not disarm the Capitol Police. Arm them with the guns made by these fearsome killing machines created by 3-D printers.
    That is one way to find out how dangerous they are. When that has been decided disarm the Capitol Police.

    Also prohibit all private security for Govt Officials if they restrict our 2d Amendment Rights.


  2. I have looked at all videos of this so far. There were protestors right there dressed like antifa – skinny people with covered faces & all in black, but not with police paraphernalia. On Howie Carr it is reported people are investigating the tattoos of those people, and one was of a hammer and sickle. The very short video did not show any reason the police should have discharged their weapon. It did not show prior to the shot. I do not believe the woman was armed. Arms were not allowed in DC.
    “We had No Weapons. We Were Peaceful. They Started Shooting At Us.” Police Attacked Protesters With Pepper Spray, Tear Gas and Clubs.

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  3. stella says:

    She’s dead.

    I just heard it on OANN.

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  4. stella says:

    A friend writes on Facebook:

    Let me be clear. I am not calling for violence. What I am saying that much of the pearl clutching that I see is based on the expectation that the people breaking into the Capitol in DC are supposed to act out a theatrical role in which they “peaceably assemble to petition for a redress of grievances” while legislators and judges deliberate.
    That is the Constitutional process that conservatives expected from the Left and which Antifa/BLM have violated. The criminal acts of Antifa/BLM do not in themselves justify a violation of the lawful constitutional standard by others.
    However that standard may no longer apply. When John Roberts got 7 Justices of the Supreme Court to back him in refusing to hear the challenge brought by Texas he denied the citizens their right through their state governments to have their day in court. If the Court had heard the evidence and then ruled I think that this would have ended with a symbolic protest. By preempting the process Roberts repeated the folly of Mr Chief Justice Taney who thought to end the slavery question by denying Dred Scott the right to be heard, and in so doing made certain the Civil War.
    When the Democrats were allowed to blatantly stuff ballot boxes, and then repeat that theft in Georgia with no intervention by responsible officials, as tens of millions now believe, the constitutional legitimacy of the elected legislators was torn asunder. If order is to be restored then it must follow from establishing the legitimacy of the agents of the government.

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  5. jeans2nd says:

    Prayers for the young woman and her now-grieving family. May she rest in peace, and her family find peace and solace in the loving arms of Our Lord.

    What reason could there possibly be for shooting a young woman in the neck?
    Meh. Whatever reason they give, no one will believe it.


  6. Lucille says:

    Have no idea if this article is correct, but if it is (and it looks like it is), and Pence is in charge along with Pelosi, Schumer, et al., so that the Secretary of Defense is checking with them rather than the President, then the coup has already occurred.

    I read that the people did not start entering the Capitol building until after Pence gave his little self-righteous give-in speech this morning. If that is correct, then this young woman’s blood is on his hands.

    BREAKING: Defense Sec Says He Discussed Deploying National Guard With Pelosi and Pence — NOT President Trump
    By Cassandra Fairbanks – Published January 6, 2021 at 4:35pm

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    • Lucille says:

      A not insignificant case in point for Pence participating in the coup against our duly-elected President…

      BREAKING: VP Pence Just Unfollowed President Trump on Twitter
      By Patty McMurray – Published January 6, 2021 at 3:28pm

      What is Pence’s next move? I put nothing past him now. And just a couple of weeks ago I was defending him!!! Has anyone else noticed that Pence’s face has changed from bright to a dark visage?

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      • stella says:

        Pence is currently following POTUS on Twitter. If he unfollowed him, then he refollowed him (if you get my meaning.)

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        • Lucille says:

          IF he un-followed our President and then re-followed, then that’s even worse, IMO. Sorta makes it seem he’s trying to get back in the good graces of folks he ought to know WILL NEVER VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN.

          It would be so rich if our President prevails and Pence gets locked out of his office with boxes of his things dumped out on the back lawn. Ooooo, is that too harsh of me?


          • stella says:

            As Robert Barnes just said, his actions today have ruled out his chances for future public office.

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            • Lucille says:

              Yes, indeedy! He lost the respect of millions on this January 6th.

              Barnes is one that believes Pence had the ball sent into his side of the court and whiffed by choice. Somewhere in my reading and listening today I heard/saw (maybe Barnes mentioned it) that President Trump did not know Pence was going to put out his statement this morning. A surprise only a man without courage would deliver.

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            • Menagerie says:

              I see only two possibilities. Either he is a man utterly without courage or he is bought.


              • glendl says:

                How about a Swamp Creature?
                His whole career in politics libeled and slandered by those he worked for. He was just activated. He has waited for his chance for 30 – 40 years and it was yesterday.


            • glendl says:

              Does he need future office?
              Aside from multi-million dollar book deals, there are various corporate positions, worth tens of millions of dollars. Was Hunter Biden making $80,000 a month? Hunter had Daddy opening doors for him. Pence can open his own doors. Pence can make much more than a cocaine using philander, not that Clinton has not done well for himself
              .” Eight Years Of Bedlam In The Trump White House”.
              How is that for a catchy title” Multiple copies being ordered for each public and school library.. Heavy orders for books sellers, will put this to the top of the NYT best selling list. They know they will not sell, but the point will have been made.


  7. stella says:

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  8. stella says:

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