LIVE: Trump Supporters Converge on Washington, DC at Freedom Plaza Ahead of Wednesday’s Events


You may have heard that the leader of Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, was arrested as soon as he arrived in D.C.

His crime? Supposedly he bragged that he burned a Black Lives Matter flag. The crime, if committed, is a misdemeanor. What do you suppose they would have done if he burned an American flag?

As reported by Catherine Herridge, CBS News:

He was arrested in response to an outstanding warrant on a misdemeanor charge of destruction of property connected to the burning of a Black Lives Matter banner at a historic Washington, D.C., church last month; but when he was detained, Tarrio also had in his possession two high-capacity magazines, according to a source familiar with the case.

Tarrio’s arrest comes just 48 hours before his pro-Trump group is planning to rally Wednesday in Washington, D.C., in support of the president’s last-ditch efforts to overturn the results of the presidential election. The D.C. National Guard plans to activate hundreds of troops to support D.C. Metropolitan Police if the rallies proceed as planned. The possession of the magazines is a felony in the District, and if Tarrio is charged with a felony, that could result in a “stay away” order from D.C.

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9 Responses to LIVE: Trump Supporters Converge on Washington, DC at Freedom Plaza Ahead of Wednesday’s Events

  1. stella says:

    Did you know that you are legally forbidden to possess ammunition without a license in DC?

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    • MIKE says:

      Yes, I remember the DC metro police took down an active but off-duty Marine in a traffic stop. This was many years ago, and, if I recollect rightly, the Marine had recently made the news cycle by saying or doing something patriotic or pro conservative.(the inference here is that he was targeted).
      They supposedly found loaded mags in his trunk, but no firearms. He was arrested.
      When the metroDC cop/courts gag ordered Rod Wheeler from investigating Seth Rich’s death about a week after it occurred, I took a look at the names of the Metropolitan DC Police Board of Directors; lo and behold, there was the name, board member Heather Podesta, she is Tony Podesta’s ex-wife.
      Every day, I realize the swamp gets deeper and deeper.
      Tomorrow, leave your weapons at home, unless you have proper permits. Remember there are NO honest judges or magistrates in DC.
      This call from the President isn’t the call to arms. Call it a preamble of sorts.
      If the fraud election is allowed to stand, we can then worry about how messy the next event in DC will be.
      What you’ve read, about the cost of firearms going through the roof, is true. A year ago merchants put a two-box per customer limit on ammunition, and of course raised the prices. Today, you would be lucky to find previously common types of ammo on any store shelf at all.

      Helpful hint if you need to buy a longarm now; Buy a Ruger 10-22, a reliable weapon that uses .22LR, (still available by the bucket full but not getting cheaper), available in a “take-down” format(for easy transport), and can be accessorized to mimic an AR-15(heavy-upped barrels, shrouding, stocking, trigger action, accuracy, 30 round mags, etc).
      What it lacks in firepower it makes up for in light weight, cost and availability of ammunition, and the takedown can be concealed in a backpack or gearbag. Can be effective for home defense in trained hands. Also easier on the ears, if you have to use it in an emergency(God forbid).
      And ladies and gents, It is an absolute blast to shoot. Forget the small .22 cal. size; you can put 30 rounds downrange in about 7 to 10 seconds, with reliable accuracy. If you aren’t grinning like a chessie cat after the last round is ejected, you either hate guns or are just too picky.

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  2. michellc says:

    I wish I could be there, but my husband has a doctor appointment tomorrow to get his catheter out. He could have had it out weeks ago, but because of the holidays he couldn’t get in until tomorrow.

    I will be there and in our own capital in spirit. I have been calling not only my own Senators and Rep, but others as well.

    It’s pretty amazing the number of people that are there and the number that are still on their way.

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  3. stella says:

    Posted by a friend on Facebook. Presumably she is arriving in DC …

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Is there some other way to watch this. It says I have to sign in to (whatever). I don’t know if it is YouTube or google or what.


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