Walmart’s Disgusting Tweet to Senator Josh Hawley’s announcement that he will challenge Jan. 6 Electors Certification

Look at this:

Now Walmart says it was a “mistake”:

I’m with Peter Navarro.

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12 Responses to Walmart’s Disgusting Tweet to Senator Josh Hawley’s announcement that he will challenge Jan. 6 Electors Certification

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Time for people and entities to be held accountable. Decisions have consequences!

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  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    I don’t shop Walmart their things are of poor “Chinese” quality

    MoM & PoP ShoPs


  3. stella says:

    Everybody must make their own decisions based on their experiences and needs. I occasionally have purchased from Walmart, but I am not dependent on them for groceries (as an example.)

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  4. Surfhut says:

    I shop local “mom and pop” shops when possible. One of my New Year’s intentions is to find more of them and spend my money with them. I quit Target over the bathroom thing and have now quit Walmart. Only thing I have bought at Walmart was a prescription. Transferring it to a local pharmacy. It is a bit of a longer drive and well worth it in so many ways.

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  5. stella says:

    I shop mostly at Meijer ( a privately owned Michigan corporation), including my prescriptions. There are other local markets that I like also (Hollywood Markets, Holiday Market). I am fortunate not to have to rely on a Walmart.


  6. glendl says:

    They may have just exceeded the corporate ignorance of Starbucks.
    I remember when the Walmart slogan was “Made in America”. I am not sure how long ago that it was replaced, but it was. Sam would not be Proud of that stance.

    That said: To a certain extent we have no one to blame because of our insistence on lower prices. In 1963, President Kennedy said, “If we continue to ship jobs out of our country, it will hurt our economy in the future”. The shipping of jobs out of America is what I call the first step to be implemented to bring America to where we are today.

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    • Menagerie says:

      It isn’t just insistence on lower pricing. It is corporate pressure and Wall Street sucking everything out of companies. Next door, SD talks a lot about Wall Street interest vs Main Street interests. Allow me to give a personal example.

      When I went to work for Home Depot in 1995, they were at the peak of the success. Many regular hourly employees had become millionaires through their discounted stock program, being there in the early days, believing in the company, and holding on to that stock.

      For retail, wages were great. We had tradesmen on the payroll. You could come in and talk to electricians, plumbers, carpenters, certified garden specialists. They prided themselves in giving good pay and good raises to those who worded hardest, all merit based.

      When I was promoted into management, we took care of our people. Before the quarterly raise and review process, which was involved and really dug into an employee’s work contribution, we managers would form alliances. You support me in my quest to get Jim a dollar and I’ll be behind you with Sally and Rapunzel. We fiercely fought out for every penny of the allotted amount we had to give.

      Then the two founders, Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, retired. Ex GE executive Bob Nardelli was brought in. He got a huge salary, and the company, which prided itself on its culture, its pyramid structure of control, where even floor employees had the right to make decisions to take care of customers, began to immediately be changed.

      Workers lost all kinds of benefits, good raises, but most of all, respect and independence. Yet Nardelli and his minions were yelling about why customer service ratings, where HD was once always top in the industry, were tanking. People left in droves.

      The bottom line reason was that Wall Street had long been applying pressure the Bernie and Arthur to reduce the payroll percent to sales, or whatever metric it is they measure it against. You see, when recommending “buy” stock. Wall Street likes to see wages to employees below a minimum percent, and there are actually conference calls among the corporate CEOs, top management, and the Wall Street people.

      Bernie and Arthur pushed back, believing in the power of their employees to deliver top sales through customer service and product knowledge, hard work in keeping the stores in stock and well merchandised. Backbreaking work went into what we did, and most retail customers are frankly, azzhats looking for discounts and free stuff if the bitch enough. It is a job worthy of good pay.

      Wall Street has insisted that the huge balance of profits go to investors rather than employees, and not just in the retail industry. If they had their way no one but tech people, who appear to be untouchable, even to Wall Street moguls, would get good pay and benefit packages.

      This has been a systematic rape of American workers. They sure never reduced their expectations and demands for performance. Even for managers. Before I left they eliminated the in store loss prevention job, a management level position. All the duties and responsibilities of that position were added to my job, as operations manager. No extra pay, and my duties were already crippling, as were all managers.

      When I left Home Depot, a company and job that I passionately loved, I was a stellar employee at the peak of my career, a top performer. But I lay awake nights because I could not even accomplish half of my duties in a ten or twelve hour day. And I was the best at grooming and training my people, and delegating. It was the only job I ever had that I could not really perform. Every day was robbing Peter to pay Paul, and hoping upper management did not check in on Peter that day.

      By that time hourly employees were expected to work like dogs for eight bucks an hour, and have the equivalent of a PHD in building industry knowledge. It was a house of cards.

      NAFTA and greedy policies have cost America millions of jobs. But sucking all the money out of companies away from workers have altered the ability of American blue and white collar workers alike to thrive and prosper.

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      • Menagerie says:

        As a manager at Home Depot, after Nardelli took over, I came as close as I ever have in my life to changing my anti union beliefs.

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      • glendl says:

        Well said, Nothing beats personal experiences to make your case.
        You identified part of the plan to destroy America. You began by describing Middle Class jobs & happy workers. The Middle Class & Capitalism are necessary for a democracy, the three combined with Christianity equal the United States or Western Civilization. The Middle Class has been under attack and weakening for decades. Take out one of those 4 aspects of Western Civilization and it begins to crumble. All 4 have been under attack for a long time.
        Wall Street v. Main Street: It can also be looked at as Short-term gain at the expense of long-term gain. Upper management gets increasingly high salaries while wages for the rest lag behind. These high salaries are dependent upon increased dividends for the stock holder.
        I never liked the idea of NAFTA, we had nothing to gain from it. Yet, the elite from both parties gave it 100% support. The fact that Clinton did not insist on other countries living up to their part of the treaty, caused even more damage to the US. I am not sure if Trump has been able to turn some of that around or not. I know he looked at it.
        America went from the world’s largest creditor in 1960, and the world’s largest debtor nation by 2000. 2000 is a guess on my part, add or subtract 10 or so years and you have the date.
        This was no accident. Rome tottered for millennia, we did it in 50 to 60 years.

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      • glendl says:

        Many are fond of quoting Santayna, a Leftist, “Those who don’t remember history are condemned to repeat the errors”.
        I say, our leaders learned the lessons of the past and carefully repeated the errors.
        Leftists say we are going the way of Rome, I disagreed until I realized what had done Rome.
        The Republic collapsed because a loss of their traditional values, not unlike the values of the Founders. The Roman Senate could not make the hard decisions, sound familiar?
        Debt, Corruption, and an inability to control their borders finished off the Empire of the West. Rome lacked the ability to control their borders, we lack the will to control our borders.

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