Christmas Gifts We Remember

What is the best Christmas gift you ever received? Which is the most nostalgic? Which ones do you remember from your childhood?

This is one of the first gifts that I remember receiving – a marionette of Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring, from the Howdy-Doody Show.



The best gift I ever received was a new car (1985 Pontiac Grand Am).


The most nostalgic gifts I remember aren’t ones that I received, but gifts that my new husband and I made for our friends and family the first Christmas we were married. We had very little money, so it was both challenging and fun. Friends of ours were just as broke, and got their “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree from the neighborhood lot for a couple of bucks. We all chipped in to make the decorations. Lots of fun!

Best of all, just a few weeks after Christmas, we were blessed by the birth of our daughter. A never forgotten and best gift ever!

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7 Responses to Christmas Gifts We Remember

  1. hoosiertruthfan says:

    Let me preface this with I am an only child so no siblings were slighted in the following. 😉

    I’d say the best gift I ever received was the book about Secretariat that came out a couple of years after he won the Triple Crown. My mom said she’d seen it in a department store. Money was tight and I already had gifts under the tree. I pleaded with her to take back all my presents. All I wanted was that book.
    On Christmas Eve, I opened my presents and there was no book. I resigned myself that I would try and get it for my birthday. Life wouldn’t be complete without it. We commenced with the eggnog part of our holiday which heralded the approach of bed time. We were settling in when mom came out with a single remaining present. I knew what it was. She knew I knew. I burst into tears of gratitude. I still have that book showing all the obligatory signs of excessive appreciation forty five years later.

    My most nostalgic gift was receiving my mom’s diamond ring for Christmas before she passed. It is a lovely Deco mine cut diamond which she bought for a whopping $187 at our local antique store when I was four years old. Most of my life was filled with seeing that ring flashing in the light as she baked, cooked, crocheted and of course, when she spoke and laughed.
    To this day when I am missing her deeply, I reach down and touch that ring and I know she’s with me.

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  2. JTR says:

    My best Christmas was in 1979. My baby was born on the 11th, so she was a 2 week old wonder! We had one gift under the tree for her, but our gift was her. We took photos of her under the tree and they are still treasured. She’s still beautiful, and we love her dearly.

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  3. MIKE says:

    Oh this is an easy one. On Christmas morning, 1962, at the ripe old age of four, Santa Claus put under our tree, the most magnificent gift a four year old boy could ever want. A Mighty-Mo Cannon.
    A toy replica of a 105 howitzer that shot out a hard black plastic cannonball, because back then toys were functional. I don’t recall asking for it, but there it was, in all its glory, sitting in my living room, surrounded by piles of discarded and wadded up wrapping paper.
    With my new Mighty Mo, I had plans to defend my castle ( you know, for Mom and Dad, and the country.
    But my defending would have to wait, for the weather outside was too frightful to take it out on a test run.
    So I took some discarded gift boxes and shored up a foxhole behind the TV stand. War would have to wait for the weather to clear up. Drat.
    Evening came, supper was over, and I was dispatched for bath and bed so My mom and dad could have over some friends for some holiday evening cheer and festivities. Like a good young General , I convinced Momcentcommand to let me take the howitzer to my room upstairs, you know, for overnight safe storage, and whatnot. K.
    After bathtime guests started arriving with gifts of holiday cheer(I believe bourbon was really popular) but I digress. The point is that my folks first house was a simple two story post war breadbox, where when you came in the front door, you could go left(living room) right(dining room to kitchen) or straight (up the stairs).
    I was newly cleaned, and in position at my post at the top of the stairs. Bedtime would have to wait and could wait because the MP’s(Mom and Pop) was having some eggnog and not on patrol.i hunkered down at the top of the stairs, on full alert.
    Then the doorbell rang , it was my Dad’s boss, Bill Everdale!
    As he and his wife entered my perimeter bearing small gifts and more booze, I could not hold back any longer.
    Yeah, I did it, I pulled the trigger on My beloved best toy ever, and sure enough, it was a direct hit on Bill’s noggin!
    The story goes downhill from here as you all well know because spankings were not looked down upon it that era!
    And I never saw the mighty mo again, ever.
    I cried in bed that night, thinking that mom and dad would not have been so harsh if the person coming through that door was a Jap or a Kraut(acceptable terms for the time period, no offense meant).
    May all your Christmases and Hannukas be filled with good cheer.
    God Bless you all.

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  4. czarowniczy says:

    Easy one – 1958 and I received a collection of Pogo books. I’d loved Pogo (still do) and I can say that reading and trying to understand Walt Kelley was my introduction to humor and politics (indistinguishable at times).

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  5. czarina33 says:

    Every Christmas, because I aways received BOOKS! LIttle Women, Robinson Crusoe, Poe, Moby Dick. Christmas Day was spent reading.

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