It’s Caturday!

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  1. Lucille says:

    Woman Watches Her Neighbors Abandon Their Cat
    The Dodo Cat Crazy – November 14, 2020

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    • I just do NOT understand people not bothering to surrender their pets to a no-kill shelter if they can no longer care for them. The internet provides so many options these days. Heck put it in a cat crate and leave it at the rectory door of a church or fire station, and they’ll bring it somewhere. Every one of our dogs was a rescue, and they were all wonderful dogs! What a kind and caring person Maria is! May God Bless her.

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  2. hoosiertruthfan says:

    I grew up with cats and dogs. As a young adult doing apartment living, I always had a kitty.
    Many years later when I met my husband, he was firmly a dog only kind of a guy. My heart broke a little bit but I gave it up to God.

    We now live in the country. Our pup (8yo) loves the room to romp and to chase the squirrels. Occasionally she would spot a stray kitty. I discouraged her chasing them but my husband was indifferent to whether she did or didn’t. I tried to make sure strays got some food in our barn and water, weather permitting.

    Fast forward two years and my husband calls out to me, saying there was a cat outside. That wasn’t particularly unusual as strays in farm country are sadly rather common. He said, no, please come out.
    I went out and our pup had found a cat on top of wheel of one of our cars. She wasn’t bothering him but the poor guy was in very rough shape. He had blood bubbling out a tiny bit from his nose and his face was very swollen. Both eyes were very cloudy and I could hear his breath was raspy. I teared up and spend the next hour sweet talking to him and trying to get him to eat. Because he couldn’t smell, he didn’t know I was putting food in front of him.
    My husband came back out and said, I’m fine with it if you want to rehabilitate the cat. My heart swelled but fear was also within it. This guy was in pretty rocky shape.
    I asked my husband to help me. I said we could keep him in our enclosed porch until I could get him to the vet in the morning. I bundled up with the heaviest snow gloves I had in case I met with a lot of resistance. I baby talked to him and gently began to move him off the tire. He had some anxiety but as soon as I put him up against me, he relaxed. Then he began to try to purr. I could feel the rumble but it was muffled by raspiness.

    I set him up with food, a nice bed aka a soft old blanket, water and wow, my husband went to the store for kitty food, litter and a box. It was evening on Sunday.

    I was able to schedule him first thing for an appointment. Thankfully, he was FIV and FeLV free. His eyes were in very bad shape. One was cloudy and much smaller, the other was badly ulcerated. He has a healed scar at the back of one leg and a small kink from a previously broken tail. He had a severe upper respiratory infection. The vet said he probably would not have lasted another day or two.

    We spent 3 months medicating him for various infections and trying to save the ulcerated eye which ended having to be removed. He was a stellar patient. His purr is broken though that doesn’t stop him from doing his best. He wheezes when he breaths and moans in his sleep. He comes to the door to greet us when we get home. He waits for me by the door if I’m in the garden. He always sleeps right up against me every single night. If I stir, I hear a soft moan from him as he also repositions.
    This sweet kitty is the most amazing addition to our household.

    It doesn’t escape me that we found him on a Sunday. The prayer I said that night was full of thanks.

    I’ll regale you with the story of our second rescue another time. πŸ˜‰

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  3. christopher7 says:

    Hey Lucille,

    I miss you and your posts. I hope the Lord treats you well.

    I only wish I knew whether to repost my CtH solution to their silly academic woes. We both know that NO ONE SEARCHES 40 million lines of code per submission … btw what is a line ???!

    8 bits, 10 bytes, 64 k

    Someone is fibbing … either your guys or your developers.

    —- I’ll repost the section here — your CTH site is unusable as it stands:

    Try listening to the sound of peace:

    —- Comment library / server load issue:

    Are you still searching all 7 mil comments on each submission ? I don’t see why this is necessary.

    I would think a “duplicate” would be restricted to a time window (and of course the particular post). Say maybe within 1 minute or 10 or whatever, and anything outside that window could be handled by admins.

    If so, couldn’t the search be done on a separate ‘dedup-cache’ file ? Similar to the ‘recent-comments’ list … or are you generating that from the full set also ?

    — A Draft scheme (brainstorm) for dedup-cache:

    A) Populate/sync cache on server (re)start
    B) On comment submit:
    1] update/prune cache based on time window.
    2] check cache for dup of submit
    3] If no dup
    post to library AND add to cache.
    If dup found,
    Remove dup in cache and add submit to cache (this addresses the ‘last’ time issue), but do not post to library.

    You can add a re-sync every few minutes to hour or whatever for sanity’s sake.

    If something like this is feasible I would have to assume it would drastically decrease server load.

    It might even eliminate need for secondary ‘cloudfare’ cache server — which I’m guessing may be the cause of the ‘Previous comments page don’t show all comments issue’ people are experiencing.

    — that’s how you do it


    • stella says:

      You are entitled to your opinions, but they don’t belong on the Caturday thread. Sounds like you don’t want to participate at CTH for now. That’s fine with me and, I’m sure, everyone else here at Stella’s Place. If you want to participate here, then do that.

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    • Lucille says:

      christopher7, thanks for your sweet comment to me. My energy level is pretty low. So when I’ll return to CTH is hard to say.


  4. WeeWeed says:

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  5. Laughed out loud at top pic Stella! πŸ™‚ You notice the cat has someone else working for them writing the book (Ignoring the fact they can’t write, because even if they could, they’d probably have someone else do it.) They probably still get lots of yummy “royalties” – Hahaha!

    So I assumed those cheetahs are stuffed full of food b4 the caretaker sleeps w them??? Do we see if he’s in there at dawn???

    Here’s my input for Caturday – Bathroom art for your cat!

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  6. jeans2nd says:

    Only understood by those with deep, deep, thoughts…

    Training hoomans is hard work

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  7. Menagerie says:

    I finally have a Caturday post! Okay, it’s more than cats, but they have a starring role.

    Best thing you'll see today 😍❀️— The Feel Good Page ❀️ (@akkitwts) December 5, 2020

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