LIVE: Trump Legal Team Presents Case to Georgia Senate Committee 12/3/20

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5 Responses to LIVE: Trump Legal Team Presents Case to Georgia Senate Committee 12/3/20

  1. stella says:

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    We are expected to believe this is the first time ever something like this has happened.
    We are expected to believe all those nice hoity toity High Society “Ladies” are shocked at having been exposed to such things after their lifetime of “service” to the voting “community.”

    Spare me.

    This year they were finally caught, and it’s all because of Orange Man Bad and his Non-Essential Smelly Chump Deplorables.
    They’ll soon be gone and life will continue as it’s meant.

    Not this time.

    Who quickly burst on the scene a couple weeks ago, then just as quickly disappeared?
    Lt Gen Michael Flynn.
    But Gen Flynn’s no longer silent. Gen Flynn has been quietly speaking with his mist loyal friends and digital soldiers. If one listens in the correct places at the correct times, one hears.
    And Gen Flynn’s been a wee bit busy these past 4 years, a bit more loudly recently.

    Did you know Gen Flynn was only in the Swamp for two years? True. Gen Flynn spent his time in service on or at the battlefield. Gen Flynn rewrote the book for battlefield spy ops. Gen Flynn’s loyal digital soldiers are never seen nor heard. Unless one listens…

    Bagpipes Billy has chosen not to look at the big picture re: vote fraud. That way Bagpipes Billy need not worry his pretty l’il head about damaging the beloved institutions.
    Who is left who has seen the big picture for years, and is able to tie all this disparate vote fraud together and possibly do something about it?

    /end of rant
    shutting up now

    I did watch that lady live as she showed and narrated her video. Shocking? Not anymore.

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    • glendl says:

      Fraud has happened, but what is shocking is the scope of it.
      The Left has been practicing their cheating skills for decades. Each election cycle, they have upped the ante,
      This is known as ‘baby steps’ or the “Law of Gradualism” as set down by George Bernard Shaw while a member of the Fabian Society, London School of Economics.

      Now For The Scary Part
      “By the time the people catch on, it is too late to stop them” and most people are still denying any fraud.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Too late to be noticed, but for posterity –
      Saw a Dan Bongino interview with Gen Flynn this morning, uploaded yesterday.
      Dan Bongino became smugnorant quite a while ago, imo, and haven’t listened to him for months and months. But i listened, to hear Gen Flynn.

      Have only had time to listen to pieces, but it appears my guessing re: Gen Flynn is accurate. Gen Flynn has been quite active and involved these past four years, and intends to remain so. (nice to know a few skills haven’t deteriorated. yet.) Recall, Gen Flynn has his security clearance restored with the pardon, as has Bernie Kerik, and Commish Kerik’s attitude has changed.

      Here’s the interview, should any be interested –

      “Ep. 1407 Exclusive Interview with General Mike Flynn – The Dan Bongino Show®” 1:08:32

      One part i did hear and found interesting – Gen Flynn says there are two types of problems – problems that are solvable, and problems that must be managed. Yet to be determined is which problem is which in regards to where we stand today.

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  3. Gary says:

    Samsonite and Delilah?

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