General Description, Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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  1. czarowniczy says:

    When you look at it closely, it won’t do Trump any good to run in ’24. If he can lose with his folks in the government with the underdog Democrats managing to pull off the largest vote fraud in history, imagine what they can do with their treasonous ilk in power for four years.

    Wait for the midterm House and Senate elections to see Voter Fraud 2.0.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        He didn’t have an international cartel of criminals manipulating the entire voting process and backed by billions of national and international dollars.

        I don’t see Biden running again in ’24, he’d be 82 and he’s falling apart now. Right now Biden will be the oldest POTUS ever sworn in (beating Trump) and by ’24 – if he even lasts that long – will be a candidate fir infusions of Homer Formby products.

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        • stella says:

          Election of 1828, from Wiki (which Jackson won after being robbed of the 1824 election):

          The campaign was heavily personal. As was the custom at the time, neither candidate personally campaigned, but their political followers organized campaign events. Both candidates were rhetorically attacked in the press. Jackson was labelled a slave trader who bought and sold slaves and moved them about in defiance of higher standards of slaveholder behavior. A series of pamphlets known as the Coffin Handbills were published to attack Jackson, one of which revealed his order to execute soldiers at New Orleans. Another accused him of engaging in cannibalism by eating the bodies of American Indians killed in battle, while still another labeled his mother a “common prostitute” and stated that Jackson’s father was a “mulatto man.”

          Rachel Jackson was also a frequent target of attacks, and was widely accused of bigamy, a reference to the controversial situation of her marriage with Jackson. Jackson’s campaigners fired back by claiming that while serving as Minister to Russia, Adams had procured a young girl to serve as a prostitute for Emperor Alexander I. They also stated that Adams had a billiard table in the White House and that he had charged the government for it.

          Rachel had been under extreme stress during the election, and often struggled while Jackson was away. She began experiencing significant physical stress during the election season. Jackson described her symptoms as “excruciating pain in the left shoulder, arm, and breast.” After struggling for three days, Rachel finally died of a heart attack on December 22, 1828, three weeks after her husband’s victory in the election (which began on October 31 and ended on December 2) and 10 weeks before Jackson took office as president. A distraught Jackson had to be pulled from her so the undertaker could prepare the body. He felt that the abuse from Adams’s supporters had hastened her death and never forgave him. Rachel was buried at the Hermitage on Christmas Eve. “May God Almighty forgive her murderers,” Jackson swore at her funeral. “I never can.”

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          • czarowniczy says:

            And Jackson’s still being pilloried in NOLA (where he has a statue in a square named for him) and elsewhere. We’re living here and now and we’ve seen a wide and deep cast of international characters do, in this election, what folks from the Brits in the 18th Century thru international Islam in modern times couldn’t do – bring down a US president (Kennedy excepted). They won’t make the same mistake they did after Clinton and Obama – cementing their control./

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      • czarowniczy says:

        And another thing, the Democrats see Trump as their bete noire and have spent four years and vast resources, years and resources that could have been used constructively, to attack him ceaselessly at every turn. Do you think they’ll stop just because he’s out of office? From the DoJ to that Fed attorney’s office in New York to Obama’s little attorney field turds I see them not only wreaking revenge upon him but making sure he won’t be able to go to the bathroom in 2024, never mind run again. He’;ll also be a warning to those who’d go against the progressive tide what will happen were they to dare.

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        • stella says:

          I think it’s common for people in the modern day to imagine that our times are the worst that ever were. There were plenty of blackguards in history, of all political stripes, and they all have an equal opportunity to cheat their opponents.

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  2. SGH says:

    Um, you DO know that President Trump won, (in a historic LANDSLIDE, I might add), right?!

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      Yes, that is true. But Czar is right. If they get away with it this time, it will be easier next time.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      And look at the depth and breadth of the vote fraud and how states mired in it are certifying the totals anyway. This wasn’t some slapdash, last minute deal, it’s been in the plans for years and was international in scope.

      When you look at the hinted cast of characters, including businesses with contracts with the American intelligence community, and the complicity of those agencies and our highest LEA authorities in attempting to overthrow our POTUS even before the 2016 elections you can’t help but see how much more efficient at subverting any attempts to have honest elections in ’22 and ’24 the cabal will be. Their beta run in this election worked and they’ll hone the process even more for the run at tasking the Senate.

      Sorta like how so many of those regime changes the US orchestrated around the world went, it doesn’t matter what the people want, it only matters who’s sitting in the driver’s seat.

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      • SGH says:

        It absolutely does matter who’s in the driver’s seat! And that is God; 100 percent God, who put a fire into His son, Donald John Trump, to rise up for His grace upon our nation. Make no mistake that God has His Almighty Hand on our President, as well as those who are fighting for us regarding ALL of the corruption.

        Negativity will not enter into my heart as I thank and praise God for sparing us from the destructive ways the Theft side would like to impose. I am praying and believing, in the Name of Jesus. As always.

        (President Trump won in a LANDSLIDE).

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  3. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ y’all!

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Mornin’ all. Bright and sunny here. Well, we cemented our plans for Thanksgiving here yesterday. So on Thurs. we will go to the restaurant for a turkey dinner………….at 11:00 in the morning. 🙄 What a ridiculous time to eat. l call it brunch, not dinner or even lunch. But, if we go even a couple hours later we will wait for two hours or more. And, you can’t make reservations. A lot of people here are seniors from up north with no family here, so they don’t cook, they eat out.

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    • czarina33 says:

      When we had no one to have big Thanksgiving dinner with for a few years we ate at one of the “seatings” at the French Quarter restaurants. 11, 2 or 5 o’clock were offered, and 11 was usually the least preferred. Great food and atmosphere tho, and a pleasant after dinner walk in nice weather in a mostly empty Quarter.

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    • stella says:

      Think of it as “early bird Thanksgiving”.

      Years ago a bunch of us were in Florida visiting my mother, aunt, and cousins. My young cousin from California was puzzled about why we were going to dinner at 4:00 pm. I guess they don’t have “early bird” specials in CA.

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  5. auscitizenmom says:

    I don’t know much about the Populist (something) email that I get in my emails. I was intrigued that they said she registered as a military lawyer.

    “Sidney Powell is registered as a MILITARY LAWYER and can prosecute TREASON at a TRIBUNAL”

    November 24, 2020 7:39 AM
    ‘Powell stated that the ‘New World Order’ has ‘OVERTHROWN The Republican Party’ and that the Republican Party sold its soul to the “New World Order” in return for large cash payments in the form of “enormous bribes.” Sidney Powell warned the GOP risks being “neutered like a bitch” by “the Great Reset” in 2021 if President Trump’s second term is stolen from him by “children of darkness.”’

    “These are strong and vividly colorful words from a serious, well seasoned Military Attorney who just won’t roll over and allow the media to drag her reputation through the mud. She is chomping at the bit to get on with the real justice and that is the days in court. Be it the Supreme Court or before the Military Tribunal.”

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  6. JTR says:

    If this won’t give you a giggle, I don’t know what will!

    I hope all are having a good day!

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  7. jtrstill says:

    Apparently word-press and bitchute are having a falling out!

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  8. czarowniczy says:

    Late yesterday I had an article fed to me that talks about how the US and Columbian governments jointly raided a boat building operation in the jungle and seized an electric, fully submersible submarine. The sub is propelled by silent electric motors which are powered by some 10-tons of batteries and is capable of running underwater for 12 hours at 3 knots. The sub could carry about 13,000 pounds of cocaine worth about $120-million. The sub itself costs the cartel about $1.5-million and would be towed by another ship to a release point off of a porting spot where it would cut loose, submerge and offload. After the offloading it would be abandoned.

    One of the feed sources, closer to official sources, mentioned that the engineer behind the design was arrested in the raid but only one claimed the arrested engineer is…Russian. GASP! A Russian submarine engineer designing and building narcosubs in the Columbian jungle! Whoda thunk it? Well we done knowed this was going on in the early 90s when we and the Columbian government were not only finding fully submersible narcosubs being built in the Columbian jungles but proof of Russian engineers being involved and we’ve regularly found fully submersibles being built throughout the ensuing 30ish years. This ain’t nuttin new but it’s so rarely reported that those rare instances of it being reported make it seem as if each one is a rare pearl. There were also instances of Russian planes flying in to trade planeloads of weapons for planeloads of drugs but that was ancillary.

    The fully submersible was seconded to the cheaper and more easily semi-partially submersible, suspiciously similar to the same type of craft the North Koreans use to infiltrate agents into the South. They didn’t carry as much but were cheaper and easier to build and moved ‘economy of scale’ into cocaine transportation. Last I heard there were hundreds of these disposable semi-submersibles littering the seabed, not exactly an environmentally responsible. Then again the entire cocaine process from planting to snorting/cooking ain’t all that green a process.

    When you look at the happy, smiling Coast Guard and government LEA members posing with ton-loads of cocaine they’ve plucked from the ocean, those rosy totals of hundreds of tons of cocaine seized in the last fiscal/calendar year just remember that the most optimistic figures of the amounts seized only account for an estimated 10% of the totals produced and shipped into the US. The US appetite for illegal drugs is such that production has increased, transportation has become more efficient and prices aren’t increasing that much as time passes, illegal drugs are being mainstreamed as well as mainlined and governments at all levels are easing the penalties (if not doing away with them) at all levels. Wonder what it will look like in 30 years, I know what the differences are I’ve seen in just the last 30 years.

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    • The Tundra PA says:

      Wow. Staggering info, czar. Sometimes I am glad to be at our end of the lifespan, instead of our grandchildrens’ end of it. I don’t expect to be around in 30 years.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        This country is buried in a drug culture and I don’t see us digging out. The Left Coast and Denver, among other places, have surrendered and are welcoming the illegal drug culture with more major cities on the way to not only decriminalizing hard drugs but opening taxpayer sponsored ‘safe places’ to smoke/inject these drugs. You figure that an estimated 3000-tons of cocaine transit the Gulf/Pacific yearly to go up Americans’ noses in one form or another and why government can’t seem to stop but (at max) 10% of it and you get an idea of the magnitude of the problem. Don’t start me on opiates.

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  9. stella says:

    From Facebook:

    A 112 years ago, in 1907…our great grandparents were first able to buy the rifle pictured. The semi-auto Winchester Model 1907.

    This is a gun they could buy from a Sears catalog and have delivered via USPS. It was/ is a semi-automatic, high powered centerfire rifle, with detachable, high capacity magazine.

    About 400,000 of these were produced before WW2. Civilians had hundreds of thousands of these semi-auto rifles for 40 years, while US soldiers were still being issued old fashioned bolt action rifles.

    The 1907 fired just as fast as an AR15 or AK47 and the bullet (.351 Winchester) was actually larger than those fired by the more modern looking weapons..

    The ONLY functional difference between the 1907 and a controversial and much feared AR15 is the modern black plastic stock.

    To summarize:

    The semi auto, so-called “assault rifle” is 110 years old. It isnt new in any way.

    The semi auto rifle was not a weapon of war. The government MADE IT a weapon of war 40 years after civilians had them.

    The semi-auto can be safely owned by civilians. The proof is that literally 3 generations of adults owned and used them responsibly and no one ever even noticed.

    Want to fix the horror of mass shootings? Fix the things that have changed for the worse in the last 50 years.

    Because the rifle technology in question was here long before this insanity.

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    • stella says:

      More …

      The same argument holds true for pistols. California’s “large capacity” magazine ban makes the factory-original magazine illegal on my Browning High Power, which was first sold in 1935.
      Let’s not forget the forerunner of all, the Girardoni repeating rifle, invented during the time of the writing of the Constitution. It was a 22 shot, .46 caliber rifle, deadly accurate to over 100 yards. Named an official weapon of the Austrian army in the 1780’s, Thomas Jefferson owned one as did others, Lewis & Clark took them on their expeditions.

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      • stella says:

        From Wikipedia:

        The Girardoni air rifle was an air gun designed by Italian inventor Bartolomeo Girardoni circa 1779. The weapon was also known as the Windbüchse (“wind rifle” in German). One of the rifle’s more famous associations is its use on the Lewis and Clark Expedition to explore and map the western part of North America in the early 1800s.

        The Girardoni air rifle was in service with the Austrian army from 1780 to around 1815. Many references to the Girardoni air rifles mention lethal combat ranges of 125 to 150 yards and some extend that range considerably. The advantages of a high rate of fire, no smoke from propellants, and low muzzle report granted it acceptance. It did have problems and was eventually removed from service for several reasons decades after introduction. There was also a version sold to civilians after it was removed from military service. While the detachable air reservoir was capable of around 30 shots, it took nearly 1,500 strokes of a hand pump to fill those reservoirs. Later, a wagon mounted pump was provided. The reservoirs, made from hammered sheet iron held together with rivets and sealed by brazing, proved very difficult to manufacture using the techniques of the period and were always in short supply.

        In addition, the weapon was very delicate and a small break in the reservoir could make it inoperable. It was also very different from any other weapon of the time, requiring extensive training to use.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        California’s large cap magazine ban applies to law-abiding citizens and not necessarily the gangbangers and cartel thugs. It especially doesn’t seem to appeal to those weapons being imported illegally from the Philippines, China and other sources.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      The Austrians invented a military semiauto rifle in 1885 that fired a metallic cartridge and John Browning invented the first semiauto shotgun in 1902. BTW, I got to handle and move some of his original pattern pieces and tools way back in the 70s – another story.

      It isn’t about the way the weapon fires or how much ammo it holds, it’s all about the state disarming its vassals so that they cannot resist illegal state actions. The first thing the British did when they invaded a sovereign country was to completely disarm the [populace. The Framers knew this and that’s why they built the 2nd Amendment into the Constitution just after the 1st…many say the 2nd was put in to ensure the the 1st was secure. The American Left knows this, that’s why they and their chorus are attacking the Constitution, trying to take us back an absolute oligarchy with a thin veneer of democracy.

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  10. According to Plymouth Plantation:

    Do they make 20lb Quails???

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  11. For fine art we have “Thanksgiving with the Indians” by NC Wyeth

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  12. stella says:

    Just got the turkey dry brining in the refrigerator on a rack in a sheet pan. Turkey is about 11 pounds.

    Sneezing like crazy from the freshly ground pepper (2 TB black and 2 TB pink) and smoked paprika. Rub also contains garlic and onion powder, salt (naturally) and brown sugar.


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