English Heritage – Letters Home: The Post Office in the First World War

As you may know, England celebrates Remembrance Day on November 11, as the USA has its commemoration of Veterans on the same day. Why? Because the WWI armistice ending combat took place on “the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month”.

I hope you enjoy this short play about the British Post Office and the role it played in The Great War.

Transporting billions of letters and parcels between soldiers on the front line and their families at home, the Post Office and the Royal Engineers Postal Section (REPS) were considered a key part of keeping up morale amid the struggles and horrors of battle. Many of these letters survive, offering a unique insight into the personal experiences of soldiers at the front.

NOTE: VIDEO IS NOW WORKING! There seems to be a problem with this video. I watched it yesterday, and it was fine. You can try putting this link in your browser and going directly to the video:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfJNGH-c4kc (leave out the leading quote mark)

It may be that the video is getting too much traffic; I hope you are able to watch it!

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5 Responses to English Heritage – Letters Home: The Post Office in the First World War

  1. weather257 says:

    Darn, it says ‘video unavailable.’ I’ll try later on my regular computer, as this tablet is lacking sometimes. Thanks for the story, though!

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  2. ernnburn says:

    What a wonderful project. Thank you for posting this. Video worked fine.

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