LIVE: Inside The Numbers: Post-Election Day 2020 Breakdown

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9 Responses to LIVE: Inside The Numbers: Post-Election Day 2020 Breakdown

  1. stella says:

    “I’ll show you voter fraud right now.”

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    • ernnburn says:

      Excellent breakdown. Well worth your time. I had caught a brief clip of him and was very impressed but didn’t catch where to get the podcast. I am now a fan. Thank you Stella.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    Listened to this guy all Tues night, yesterday, and again this morning on Bannon’s War Room show.
    This guy is outstanding. He is truly unbiased, as he doesn’t gas who wins or loses, he just loves chasing down the numbers, down to the precinct level.
    If you’ve time, give him a listen.
    Thanks, Stella, for posting this.

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  3. hocuspocus13 says:

    I’m glad the poll workers are coming forward to talk about the “irregularities” that took place

    Not all poll workers are part of the “steal”

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  4. jeans2nd says:

    Fell asleep listening, so not certain if Mr Barris explained Maricopa County (Arizona) in this vid, but he explained this morning.

    Deplorables in Maricopa County requested early ballots but, not trusting the USPS and not caring to wait in lengthy lines on Voting Day, the Deplorables drove to the polls and dropped off their early ballots in person at the polling place.

    That is where the Socialist running Fox’s “Decision Desk” made his error in calling Arizona for Biden. He assumed all the early ballots were for Biden.
    They weren’t.

    Indeed, check Cochise County, home of Ft Huachuca and the Buffalo Soldier (think Sheriff David Clarke as the example of the Buffalo Soldier). Cochise County went some 57%+ Trump, and a good many of those Army guys retired in Cochise and Maricopa Counties.
    It makes sense.
    (saw this same behavior at our election office as well)

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  5. michellc says:

    I’m back. With all the covid bullcrap, I had to take a long break from the internet. I had to try and avoid as much of it as I could. So I’ve spent months traveling with my kids racing. I’m not a traveler and usually hate traveling, but it did the soul good to be on the road and around hundreds of people, many new people with the same mindset. Racing season officially ended last weekend.

    We’ve been to Texas numerous of times, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota(a new state for me), Wisconsin(another new state for me), Arkansas, Louisiana, and Minnesota(another new state for me.) I had high hopes for Minnesota when I saw so many Trump signs.

    My poor DH has kept the home fires burning and two businesses going while I’ve been out traveling around, he’s only got to go with us a few times, but he did get to go the last weekend. We got back home late Sunday night. Monday and Tuesday I was confident we had this.

    Now I am like a raging bull. I cannot believe they are stealing this election so blatantly.

    I haven’t been on FB much either in several months, only to look at racing schedules. Now I’m getting every post censored.

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    • stella says:

      Good to see you, michellc! I think your plan to travel with your kids/grandkids is a good one. We are all angry about what is going on now, but I am trying to take heart from history. There have been elections stolen in the past – from Jackson to Nixon – and they were often followed by a renewal of patriots.

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      • michellc says:

        When you spend two to 3 days at a race track you don’t even have to think about any of it, you don’t see any of it, not even masks.
        Then when I was home during the week, I had so much to catch up on, I was too busy to be bombarded with it.
        So only the times I had to go to the store did I even see masks. Not that of course I didn’t know what was going on and not that I didn’t try to show family and friends what was going on, but for the most part I was able to keep my sanity by being able to get away from it.

        You have more faith than I do though on the outcome, because these are totally different people today than even 20 years ago. They get away with stealing it this blatantly on this level and we will never have another election where they don’t do the selecting.
        I still have some hope that Trump and the country prevails, but if we don’t I can only see very bad times ahead.

        I met a Cuban American family in our travels and one day while sitting around the pits and people visiting with each other, the Grandfather of the racer told many stories of his youth and stories passed on to him. His biggest frustration was that he couldn’t get Americans, including his own children and grandchildren to see what dangerous territory we were in.

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