General Discussion, Saturday, October 24, 2020

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  1. lovely says:

    Really nice afternoon. Rick Grenell is the real deal 🙂.

    He said Kamala Harris is the queen of cancel culture, that when he and one of President Trump’s judicial pick were nominated that Harris refused to meet with either of them, and this was typical Harris behavior. Grenell said it is typical of a State Senator to hold their nose if a nominee is from the other party and make introductions. Not only did Harris not do this, she never does it for republicans she did not even respond to their requests for a meeting.

    Someone complimented Grenell on his beat down of the press concerning Bosnia and Serbia and he laughed and said that he had to apologize to his mom because she said that he was “a little harsher than he needed to be.”

    He has a load of respect for President Trump.

    Told a story about the Big Wigs going in and asking POTUS to put some pressure on the Arab world to up the price of oil because the Big Wigs were’t making enough money on their own oil. POTUS said “I think the American people are happy with lower gas prices.” And that was the end of the conversation. << This is why President Trump is hated by both the Republicans and the Democrats. He isn’t their friend he is the friend of the American people.

    One last story, when Rick was ambassador to Germany the NYT wrote a scathing article about him stating that he was promoting America and American values while in Germany, trying to convince German companies to open plants in America and was doing nothing to help build Germany. (Here he pause and says “Nothing to help build Germany? We rebuilt Europe, how about a little gratitude?). The NYT article did not say one nice thing about him. President Trump cut the article out and wrote with his Sharpie across the article “Keep up the great work Rick! Donald J Trump.” and sent it to Rick.

    He asked me (there were maybe 30 people there) if I’d be willing to give up 1.6 million 😎. Nope. He was of course referencing President Trump giving up his presidential salary.

    Rick said he has never met someone with skin as thick as POTUS, and that President Trump always puts the American people first.

    Funniest line “Does anyone really believe that Joe Biden is saving his one and only good idea that he will ever have for his 48th year in politics?

    Rick will be at the rally today. Not sure if I’m going. Hours of standing in the cold just doesn’t sound appealing as awesome as a Trump rally would be.

    A funny personal aside. Rick and I took a selfie which I posted on my FB. Because I’m so immersed in politics I forget that most others are not I have a bunch of likes and “Great picture” I don’t think other than one friend so far, anyone realizes who he is and thinks we were on a date 😂.

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  2. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ cat fans!

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  3. Menagerie says:

    Morning everyone. Rain finally got us too. Bad storms moved in about 3AM. Going to have rain most of next wee. They say. Still, temps are going to be in the mid seventies until late next week.

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Mornin’ all. Seems like, just maybe, the cool down here is real. It is 77* but I guess the humidity is lower. :\

    A while back, I think I mentioned that Amazon had sent some things to my address that I did not order. I contacted them and it was their mistake, but they said to keep the two things that were not that expensive. They were going to send FedEx to pick up one thing, a digital picture frame, about 10″ that runs about $150. I made sure I was here that day, but I don’t know if I didn’t hear them or what. But, I finally, after weeks, called Amazon back and told them I still had the frame. They said to just keep it. So, I am going to send it to my granddaughters for Christmas so they can have pictures of their dad in it while he is overseas for the next 9 months. What a deal!

    All you guys up North…….stay warm. 😀

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    • lovely says:

      Nice on the frame ! I remember the story 🙂 . It is cold here but I have to get my butt to the Farmer’s Market.

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        Bundle up.

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        • lovely says:

          So long as I can wear my Trump hat I’m good. I’ll have to wear a coat which means I can’t show off my new bling Trump T-shirt 😦 !

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          • WeeWeed says:

            I wore my Trump shirt to go vote!! Under a jacket, but I didn’t want to be kicked out…

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            • lovely says:

              They can’t kick you out SCOTUS ruled that free speech in the case of an election is too fluid to rule out political attire. The lawyers for a socialist America could not respond to whether or not a Second Amendment Right T-shirt should be considered “political” and it went down hill from there.

              You could even bring your open carry gun depending on the place of the poll if the place has a sign up that no guns are allowed the person in charge of the poll has to provide a secure place to store your gun while you vote. If it is a school of course it is a big no no to open carry (or conceal carry).

              I am NOT suggesting anyone do any of this just letting you knew if you want to really send them in a tizzy you can lawfully do so.

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  5. lovely says:

    And again the Right proves to be the King of Memes.

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  6. auscitizenmom says:

    Well, that was weird. I went away from my computer for a while and when I came back the WP site that I had left on the screen was blank white. I couldn’t get it back so I tried restarting it and WP is back. Wonder what happened?

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  7. stella says:

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  8. stella says:

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  9. auscitizenmom says:

    My friend called me just a little while ago. She had spent a week at Ormond, Beach, which is just above Daytona. They were heading back west on I-4 and saw about 200 cars heading east on I-4 all decked out in American flags and Trump flags and stickers.

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  10. auscitizenmom says:

    I am watching Navy play Houston. They only need to make 4 more touchdowns in the next 5 min. to win the game. 😯

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