President Trump makes public unedited ’60 Minutes’ interview

As promised, President Trump has released the unedited interview by Leslie Stahl. It is available on Facebook. The link is in the second tweet (below.)

Associated Press:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump posted his full, unedited interview with “60 Minutes” on Facebook before the show’s scheduled Sunday broadcast.

“Look at the bias, hatred and rudeness on behalf of 60 Minutes and CBS,” Trump wrote Thursday as he tweeted the Facebook link. And he again preemptively criticized the moderator of Thursday night’s final presidential debate.

Throughout the interview, Trump returns to attacks on Joe Biden’s son, based on an unconfirmed New York Post report, and accuses the media of being too soft on his Democratic rival.

As Stahl comments at one point that Trump is offering attack after attack, Trump responds: “It’s not attack, it’s defense. It’s defense against attacks.”

“I’m defending myself and I’m defending the institute of the presidency,” he said.



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5 Responses to President Trump makes public unedited ’60 Minutes’ interview

  1. stella says:

    Leslie Stahl says that they can’t allow unverified stories to be broadcast on ’60 Minutes’ (even though they have been verified.)

    Who remembers false stories covered by ’60 Minutes’? I’ll start:

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    LOL. I just love our President. “Compare my full, flowing, and “magnificiently brilliant” answers to their “Q’s.”

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    I see why he didn’t like that interview. I never really understood what the descriptive word “cloying” meant. But, does it fit her? It came to mind when I watched this. Also, “smarmy.”

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