President Trump Delivers Remarks with the Lordstown Motors 2021 Endurance

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3 Responses to President Trump Delivers Remarks with the Lordstown Motors 2021 Endurance

  1. jeans2nd says:

    It appears few recognize the secondary effects of GM Lordstown’s closing on Lordstown’s suppliers, and next door just plain got it wrong.

    Delphi was a major electronics supplier to GM’s Lordstown. When Lordstown closed, so did Delphi, and many other smaller shops.
    But it was much, much worse for Delphi. The Lordstown UAW worked with then-Pres Obama and, even though not even funded, the Lordstown UAW kept their pensions with the gubmint “buyout.”

    Not so for Delphi. Being a non-union shop, Obama told Delphi and many others, sucks to be you, losers. Delphi’s pensions were fully – and self – funded. No one cared, certainly not Obama.

    A couple three weeks ago, Dr Peter Navarro announced he and Pres Trump worked things out and, after 11 years of litigation and courts, Delphi workers would be receiving their pensions. Finally.

    And now, YOU know the rest of the story.
    (you think our union and non-union guys do not love Orange Man Bad? you bet they do!)


    • stella says:

      I remember the Delphi pension fiasco. I was still working so that has to be a few years ago now.

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      • jeans2nd says:

        Eleven years. smh Hard to believe all those guys lost their pensions, most especially as the pensions were fully funded.
        A whole bunch of people were really hurt over that.
        Dr Navarro announced Delphi’s pension restoration. Many tears of joy were shed that day.

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