AG Barr addresses Chicago during Operation Legend press conference

CNS News

“I am pleased to report that Operation Legend is working. Crime is down, and order is being restored to this great American city,” said Barr at a Wednesday morning news conference in Chicago.

Barr said Operation Legend has dispatched more than one thousand skilled federal agents to Chicago and eight other cities to fight violent crime. Those agents have now made 2,500 arrests, and of those arrested, prosecutors have brought federal criminal charges against 600 defendants.

“Bringing federal charges is significant because defendants arrested for violent crimes are often detained before trial, unlike state defendants who are too often released.” Barr also noted that federal defendants face serious sentences if convicted, with the real possibility of long-term imprisonment in out of state facilities.

“Knowing that, many of the arrestees cooperate with the government and lead to even more violent offenders, such as leaders of gangs or drug organizations.”

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2 Responses to AG Barr addresses Chicago during Operation Legend press conference

  1. jeans2nd says:

    This is odd. AG Barr says crime is down in Chicago, yet we hear of the violent uptick in shootings, murders, rioting, etc., night after night in Chicago.
    Going to have to give this one a second or perhaps even a third listen. This is not reconciling in my brain.


  2. glendl says:

    Arressting the even more violent offenders would be great, getting the names of the Paymasters would be better yet.


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