Voter Fraud: Is is real? Does it make a difference?

I have been investigating this issue so that I can provide facts and opinions to you so that you can decide for yourselves whether or not voter/election fraud is not only possible but occurring, and if it is or will be a significant factor in upcoming elections. The next one, of course, is our Presidential election this November. In my opinion, it is one of the most important in our history.

Let’s first look at what alleged fraud has been occurring.

According to this article in BizPacReview, “Dem operative whistleblower shares secrets of how easy it was”:

…The insider, who said he supported Sen. Bernie Sanders during the Democrat primary elections, added that mail-in ballot fraud “is a real thing.”

“And there is going to be a f–king war coming November 3rd over this stuff. … If they knew how the sausage was made, they could fix it,” he continued.

According to the insider, there are six primary ways in which his team has rigged the elections for their Democrat clients. (Read article for all the details):

  • Creating Phony Ballots. A Photocopier works.
  • Collecting Real Envelopes (ballot harvesting). Put phony ballots in real envelopes in place of real ballots.
  • Recruiting U.S. Postal Service Employees. Recruit USPS employees to throw away or set aside the mail-in ballots of Republicans.
  • Tricking Senior Citizens. A paid operative nurse “helps” seniors complete their ballots.
  • Impersonating Voters. Send operatives to vote live in polling stations, particularly in states like New Jersey and New York which do not require voter ID.
  • Bribing Voters. Pay destitute people – think people in homeless shelters — to vote for Democrats.

If this is all true, then it is no wonder that Democrats so strongly oppose voter I.D. and promote mailing ballots and/or ballot request forms to every name on the voter rolls, as well as tactics such as ballot harvesting.

In this article in FrontPage Mag (David Horowitz), Deborah Weiss says:

…Years ago, I worked on the congressional committee which deals with contested elections. Our committee found extensive voter fraud in examining the Dornan-Sanchez election. That was just in California, not exploring other states at the time. Long before the Real ID Act and before the onslaught of “systemic racism” accusations, we introduced a bill to require voter ID to ensure that citizens’ votes would not be diluted or negated by the votes of those voting illegally. Even then in the 90’s, Republicans proposing this legislation were called racist and told we hated Hispanics…

First, actual voter fraud includes: people who vote in more than one state or county (because when they move they do not remove themselves the voter rolls of the place they left and then illegally vote more than once); people who have died are not always purged from voter rolls and yet somehow their votes are cast; and sometimes people who are not citizens vote. In some “liberal” localities, Democrats have even passed legislation allowing permanent residents or illegal immigrants to vote in local elections…

The Democrats’ so-called coronavirus bill (“The Heroes Act) also includes the purposeful removal of legal safeguards that protect the integrity of each person’s vote. This includes on a national scale getting rid of all voter ID laws (usually voting laws are determined by the states), and permitting vote harvesting…The removal of signature requirements enables anybody whose hands gets on a ballot to fill it out and without knowing if it was the intended voter…

Democrats also want to get rid of stamp and date requirements. For example, normally, for an absentee ballot to be counted, there is a legal requirement about either what date it has to be postmarked by and/or what date the ballot has to arrive by. Democrats want to get rid of both…

The Democrat scheme to have all mail-in ballots with no safeguards, in my view is designed to cause chaos and confusion in the outcome of the most important election in our lifetimes. It is an attempt to undermine confidence in our system and destabilize our country.

In this opinion piece by Rep. Greg Steube at Fox News:

…Universal mail-in voting would be disastrous for our country, as there is no way of knowing who is actually voting. As we have seen in states with newly implemented universal mail-in voting, this practice is ripe for fraud and crippling logistical errors.

Take Virginia – with their new electoral system nearly half a million ballots were sent to the wrong addresses, including to deceased people. With the bar set so low for accuracy and efficiency, we can almost guarantee inaccurate results.

In New York’s 12th Congressional District, there was still not even a clear winner 45 days after the election because of delayed mail-in ballots. Paterson, N.J., is another example. During their recent special election, a councilman, a councilman-elect and two others were charged with election fraud for handling ballots they knew to be fraudulent.

These instances cannot become our standard for elections in the United States…

The United States is the democracy it is because of the faith we have in the legitimacy of our elections. Implementing such radical changes to our electoral system this close to an election is reckless and should be very transparent to the American electorate.

Finally, here are two videos by PragerU that deal with voter fraud and voter suppression.




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12 Responses to Voter Fraud: Is is real? Does it make a difference?

  1. New Nonna, Again!!! 🤗 says:

    Thanks for the post, Stella.

    Was just discussing the topic yesterday with my dear sis. We both research for ourselves and support our magnificent President but didn’t have answers to the following. Do you?? Any you can provide would be very appreciated.

    1- if one asks for an absentee ballot, does that mean your name is NOT in the rolls at the polling station? Because, if it IS in the polling station book you need to sign:
    …that means someone could actually vote twice, once via the absentee ballot, and once in person in Election Day

    And if the persons name IS NOT listed in the rolls where you have to sign in Election Day, and your plans change and you ARE able to vote in person, and so don’t mail in the absentee ballot, you won’t be able to vote in Election Day in person either!! Meaning your vote is lost.

    Any idea about this?? Anyone know!?


  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    One thing I didn’t know is that the letters R or D are secretly on the back of the ballot envelope along with code #

    …and to think

    The Post Office just endorsed Biden

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  3. OK, I said I would not be commenting much, but THIS IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM/ISSUE OF THIS ELECTION!

    Both DH and I are registrars in our little town, and even here every year people try to vote illegally. Some people are obviously trying to commit voter fraud and almost run out the door never to return with the info requested that they “left in their car”, some are amazingly ignorant, and some openly try to vote here saying they believe it is wrong if they own a vacation house in NH as well as another state (usually Mass.) which is their legal residence, that they can’t vote here too.

    Then there are the professors at Dartmouth. Just about every year at least once and sometimes twice, at least one student sues the state on some ridiculous point of law on voting. Recently 2 students who refused to give up their Calif and Georgia drivers licenses and become residents of NH sued to vote here. They admitted they went home to other states. They admitted they refused to change their drivers licenses. They admitted they had no intention of staying in NH and living here, but they insisted they should be able to vote here.

    Now there are beautiful things that happen while being a registrar. The new citizen to this country from some war-torn or repressive country opens a perfectly neat & clean folder and carefully takes out their naturalization papers so carefully, handling them like they were made of fragile crystal worth a million dollars. It almost brings you to tears. Then there are also new young voters who have everything so neat and filled out all ready to sign saying it’s the first time their voting. They are so proud.

    Until I had increased health problems a couple of years ago, I was part of a voter fraud group here for all of NH. Do you know it was about 10 regular citizens, almost all in their 50’s to 80’s! SHAME on the people of NH!!! What – only 10 old people of almost 1.4 million have a couple of hours a week to try and fix this? And where are our state republican big shots – NO where to be found. Where are the national republicans – sure as heck not here!

    Each individual must quickly become an activist or we will actually win but eventually lose to ballot cheats. Then the hellish nightmare becomes reality for all of us, but not but the elite few.

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  4. czarowniczy says:

    Speaking from what I’ve personally see: It looked like a duck, swam like a duck, and quacked like a duck, then it probably was a voting duck


  5. SGH says:

    Thank you, Stella!
    I’m in VA. Mailers have been sent out that people have been/ are being fooled by; they look legitimate, for “requesting an absentee ballot.” They aren’t sent back to the VA Board of Elections address.

    The website, if/ when it works is: www. (Well, that’s I did- – Having not initially added the “/VAapp” at the end as indicated on my “Application”… When I did, that resulted in a dead page).

    But it takes you to… Oh, it disappeared on my phone! Odd! My Google search is blank now on that tab. That’s never happened. But, anyway, it was Parkingcrew (in Germany) and a 3rd party affiliated with Google. (From my brief skim).

    I don’t have a photo dump app (or whatever needed!) to share the mailer here, but would email you a pic if you wanted. My sister-in-law is one of the people I know who filled this out. Just sharing her SSN and info with anyone!

    I’ll try to see if I can capture the whole picture of this fraud on a computer. The small print on my phone is unreadable when they use a 6-ish font!

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  6. dolphinwrite says:

    When the polls were coming in, having watched the incredible disinformation campaign by the left and radical media, I thought the possibility of our president waiting another four years to run again was a possibility. And I thought some fraud could happen, but didn’t think it would be enough except in a close race. But given the incredible crowds (Sometimes 35-40,000 strong.) driving from everywhere to see President Donald Trump, and the paltry parking lots of his opponent, I felt more people would choose real freedom with responsibility, but also protecting Israel and other countries from terrorism and communist/socialist nations.
    But it wasn’t until we heard what was happening at the polls: 1) In some places, poll watchers were prevented from entering, at other times, having to stand at a distance too far to actually see if accurate accounts were kept. In at least one instance, they allowed poll watchers in, but moved the pollsters much further away so what they were doing couldn’t be seen. Why would they do that. 2) That some people drove from other states to vote elsewhere (That makes sense, for if radicals believe their state is strongly red, or already blue, they might go to another where the odds are closer.) is certainly a possibility given the lack of adherence to state regulations, and 3) That dead people cast their votes (How?), some voting more than once, that pollsters filled in the forms for others (Illegal we think.), that in some cases, only democrats were given pens but republicans were given something that would be inadmissible, for all forms have to be filled in by pen. 4) There’s more, but you’ll learn more in the days ahead. But there was one more thing: actually seeing, on television, poll watchers being denied access into the building by the pollsters who look none too friendly. **I have to ask. If everything is legit, why would any polling station have a problem being viewed?
    It was while watching that I remember, years ago, helping at a poll station. And I can vaguely remember, while working, that the thought occurred to me that people could skew the results if they were so inclined. Perhaps readers have noticed that in their own experiences in polling stations. But I was very diligent in doing it exactly as we were told, following the rules. But I wondered about other people.
    And this year is the fourth in a nationwide media propaganda/political machine with one purpose: to take down the president. And the left, from the beginning, did everything, lied about so much, just to take down our president. In that environment, one can see there are many out there that will do anything to keep our president from four more years. It’s very clear in concept, and we’ve seen some of it: in action. And with mail-in balloting, it’s easy to imagine what can happen there.
    But there’s another thing: Republicans look to be keeping the Senate and gaining ground in the House. That would mean that more voters voted Republican. Some in the same states. That has to bring up some serious questions. If voters are showing up in mass at Trump rallies, and Joe Biden gets parking lots of several cars, and ballots are cast for republican senators and house representatives, it only makes sense that our president would have many more votes. It’s clear the Americans were voting against democratic radicalism. And there’s so much more.
    Yes. We know corruption has always been a part of politics, but we can see it ever more clearly today. But our concern is not with ourselves, but more for the country and the next generation, but also for those countries out there that are fighting to remain free and democratic, struggling and in need of our help.
    Whatever happens in this election, and there is and will be intense scrutiny, there will be incredible security measures taken in future elections. We need to go back to straight polling booths with identification and verification or absentee ballots requested by voters. Then polling watchers on both sides. Then, each count needs to be verified by both sides.

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  7. auscitizenmom says:

    Well, I just wondered how I missed this back then.

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