LIVE: Kenosha Police hold press briefing after night of unrest

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13 Responses to LIVE: Kenosha Police hold press briefing after night of unrest

  1. lovely says:

    Not all that far from me, 45 minutes, 30 minutes from my mum. (The 17 year old who killed 2 people in self defense lives in the town just north of my mum.)

    No word yet on if the man shot in the head and the 17 year old who shot in self defense.

    The news is reporting that the 17 year old shot a man that “was holding a skateboard” . No the thug was beating the 17 year old with the skateboard.

    Sheer madness.

    This is WI, it’s not the seat of Madison which is the seat of Liberalism it is a very redneck town.

    Assholes are everywhere Green Bay Packer’s assistant coach has condemned the police.

    Jacob Blake was wanted for sexual assault and it appears that a 911 call came in specifically about him being where he should not be so the whole “breaking up a fight” may be just a story. Still fog of the event so we will see.

    Oh and Joe Biden and every other assh*le putting a target on our officer’s backs can go to hell.

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  2. lovely says:

    Local guy to Kenosha. No idea what his sources are or if he is accurate. Seems and odd thing to make up out of thin air.

    Time to wait and see. Not that it will matter to the BLM or Antifa crowd.


  3. lovely says:

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  4. Sharon says:

    Portland’s mayor Ted Wheeler (I spit in his general direction) had a major press op this afternoon.

    He began by saying, “Enough is enough”. I really do try to actually listen to some of this first hand so that I’m not going on second hand or summarized reports, but once again, as that phrase rolled out of his empty head immediately as he began talking, I busted up laughing, all alone in my living room. And had to switch back to Blue Bloods reruns.

    And then he said that he is preparing to work on a plan to make the riots stop and will be sharing information about that in a few weeks. I’m sure that is so exciting to the braindead yahoos that surround him. However, I suspect that stopping the riots will involve some procedures that may constitute either white privilege or cultural appropriation. (I suppose it’s cultural appropriation if a op shoots a criminal, since that activity is to be limited to minorities and criminals)

    He repeatedly referenced the need for the police to continue working toward healing (iow, keep kneeling). He did not speak of arresting criminals or stopping them or locking them up.

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  5. lovely says:

    The men the Left calls peaceful heroes.


  6. Now the teen who shot in self defense is charged with 1st degree murder, and has a public defender. I’ve spent last night and this morning reading about this and praying for the teen who was only trying to help defend people and property.

    PLEASE be aware it is reported there is a fundraising effort supposedly for the teen, however they are skimming 20% off the top, and where does the $ go? This teen needs help, but it needs to go to him and his Mom. Their address has now been doxxed and they’ve had death threats.

    Someone had wrote that the reason this teen was out there was because the (so-called) men in this country are not doing what is necessary to protect it, so now children are taking up arms to protect. SHAME on the the Kenosha police for standing down and the gov’t officials who ordered that. They are complicit in the deaths of those two violent rioters more so than the teen. All 3 shot were convicted felons BTW, and 1 had a gun drawn when assaulting teen.

    Sorry if this is mentioned elsewhere, this is the first place here I’ve gone today. Much more info and videos have come to light showing this was self defense on the teens part.

    #1 – where the HE!! is the DOJ about RICO etc & these riots? – but then where is DOJ on a lot of things?
    #2 – many are screaming about a white person shooting people (all 3 are white, but somehow they tag the teen as a white supremacist). Why aren’t these same people screaming about thousands of black on black shootings every year?

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