General Discussion, Monday, August 17, 2020

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31 Responses to General Discussion, Monday, August 17, 2020

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Ugh…dentist day.

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  2. Lucille says:


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  3. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ y’all!

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  4. czarina33 says:

    Jay Leno used to do a piece where he asked people quesions on the street, “Jay Walking”. The questions were so easy it seemed no one cuold not know. One night, he asked where flour comes from. The one I remember said, “from the store”, and when he asked further she had no idea!

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  5. stella says:

    Stella here. No WiFi here until tomorrow. Won’t see me much. Checking in on my phone.

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    • WeeWeed says:

      Sounds like MY luck the past few weeks…..

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      • stella says:

        Just found an Xfinity hotspot in my area, so I’m using that. Right now it’s complimentary, but I’ll pay for a one-day pass to get me by until I get my home internet fixed.

        I called this morning because my service was not good, but I still had internet. When the technician got done with me remotely, I had no internet. Technician is coming out tomorrow morning.

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        • czarowniczy says:

          Wow, if he dumped your internet remotely just imagine what he can do in person. I’d take a spare mask and put it on the unit’s CD drive and believably tell him you were worried the cause might be a virus.

          Don’t know if your cell has the capacity to do so but you could also see if you could use it’s ‘hotspot’ function as we’re stuck with. It’s slow (we have 0.7 mbps) but, like a rock in our shoes, we’ve become used to it.

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  6. czarowniczy says:

    DoD has announced it is setting up the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force to study UAP – previously known as UFOs. This proves my oft stated claim that the government spends billions on a project that goes nowhere, disbands the group doing the study to just later rename the object of study, create a new group to study it, ask for billions more and forgive the sins of the previous group that studied the issue. See the creation of the the Department of Homeland Security.

    Now one might think that the newly created Space Force would honcho this study…uhhh, noooooo. How about the hoary NORAD/Space Command that was established to preserve the safety of US airspace….nope, wrong again. The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force will be led by the Navy’s Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security. I have no idea but Project Blue Book was run by the Air Force (who found diddly) back when they were UFOs so perhaps it’s just the Navy’s turn.

    This is going to be another boondoggle, it’ll need need a budget, a hierarchy, hi-ranking civilian and military supervision, a big travel budget and a ‘reasonable’spin-up time to get it’s act together. It will need to have all of the bureaucratic trappings and the ability to hide its lack of production with its own classification and production standards that will shield it from a lot of review. Let’s see if, after all of this expenditure of time and money, it turns out anything more substantive than Blue Book did.

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  7. Lucille says:

    Hamilton, Bermuda…

    The 20 most expensive cities in the world to live in revealed: Hamilton in Bermuda tops the rankings with San Francisco and New York close behind

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  8. JTR says:

    If any of you like Katie Hopkins as well as I do, she has just posted a gem!

    [video src="" /]

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  9. Sharon says:

    guess I gotta log in again

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