General Discussion, Sunday, July 5, 2020

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43 Responses to General Discussion, Sunday, July 5, 2020

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Nothing like a rainy, low cloud 4th to quash the fireworks. You can bet that over the next few days the folks will be afirin’ them off though and it’ll be damp so few, if any, associated fires.

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    • lovely says:

      This is what my town was like yesterday. It was wild. Of course we only have 70,000 residence so it was on much smaller scale. Never heard a single siren.

      Awesome evening sitting with my little dog on my front stoop.

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        I think the message to Newsome is , “Up Yours!”

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      • czarowniczy says:

        We have legal fireworks and folks usually come out and fill the air with them on the 4th and New Years Eve. Very little last night, wet and low clouds, if it’s dry tonite many may be out sharing.

        We’re told the county population’s just about 56,000 and the county area is about 820 square miles. Take out the Big City and a couple of housing developments and density’s rather sparse so we’re pretty well up to having an explosive party without interference.

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        • lovely says:

          One day Czar, I hope to have as few nearby neighbors as you and Czarina !


          • czarowniczy says:

            I can’t believe how sensitive I’ve become to all of the ambient noise in the city. When I go back the noise is so obvious and irritating that I try to get out as fast as I can. The silence here IS golden.

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            • lovely says:

              I believe you, I grew up in Chicago and when I go back I can’t believe how noisy it is all of the time, didn’t noticed when I lived there.

              Thing here are relatively quiet but nothing like country or island quiet.

              I have friend’s with a house on Washington Island, that is quiet, beautifully quiet and peacefully dark, literally can’t see your hand in front of your face on a moonless night.

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  2. Lucille says:

    London Tower Bridge on the River Thames…Tower Bridge Opening and Closing….

    Have a blessed Sunday!

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    • lovely says:

      At the height of the riots honoring George Floyd, (participant in the beating and armed robbery of a pregnant woman, threatener of the unborn baby in her womb) all but one well guarded Chicago River Draw bridge, were kept up to impeded rioters violent destructive path.

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  3. Lucille says:

    Love this….
    2CELLOS – “Benedictus” by Karl Jenkins [LIVE at Arena Zagreb]

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  4. lovely says:

    Good morning folks, sometimes I wish that I drank coffee 🙂 !

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  5. lovely says:

    I’ve been reading and hearing people (conservatives and liberals) stating that President Trump’s two speeches were low energy.

    I would suggest that President Trump is on war footing.

    The silence before the storm. We are seeing bridled anger not low energy or tiredness.

    “I have only one counsel for you – be master.”__Napoleon Bonaparte

    “Concentrate your energy and hoard your strength.” – Sun Tzu

    Note that President Trump’s people used Chester Bennington’s “In the End” in one of his campaign commercials.

    Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell were both sexually abused as boys, they were working together on an expose of high profile pedophiles, they committed suicide within 2 months of each other. Their project was “lost”.

    Many on the more conspiratorial side believe that Chester is the son of the deviant John Podesta. I think more likely they just happen to look like father and son, but I’m open to being wrong, given Podesta’s deviancy and Chester’s mental health struggles due to his childhood.

    Dan Scavino always is ahead of the game, he always holds the carrot.

    My favorite thing about Scavino is that the Left has still not realized just how dangerous that he is 😎.

    “The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.” – Sun Tzu

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  6. auscitizenmom says:

    Mornin’ everyone. Boy, I sure needed that speech and flyover last night. What a great show our President put on. And, I loved seeing him standing there with his gorgeous, sweet First Lady.

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  7. auscitizenmom says:

    Is anybody here using Chrome? I have just recently started using it and now there is a popup box that shows up on the lower right hand side of my screen. It is some stupid news thing and you can close or join (or something, I forget). I click close and it goes away, and then the whole screen is taken over by the news thing. I can find no way to get rid of it.


  8. auscitizenmom says:

    I saw this on Huckabee. Wink Martindale, I Stand for Everyone.

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  9. stella says:

    This is cool!

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  10. czarowniczy says:

    Seems that the Washington State Police decided it was OK to totally interrupt the traffic on I-5 on the 4th, preventing Seattle area travelers from using it. They barricaded a big chunk of it so that BLM protesters could have a party up there. It was billed as a protest but if you look at the videos it morphed into a party. Apparently the Seattle PD is OK with it too as they didn’t stop it.

    A driver got around the WSP’s barricading and drove on up to the I-5, hitting two BLM protesters, killing one and seriously injuring another. The driver is black and the dead protester is white. Suddenly the WSP has changed its policy, will not block public Federally-funded roads for private protests and will arrest anyone on foot on the interstate. Wonder what would have happened had the protester’s and driver’s races had been reversed?

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