A.G. Bill Barr w/Ted Cruz on ‘Verdict’: Plans for dealing with riots

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5 Responses to A.G. Bill Barr w/Ted Cruz on ‘Verdict’: Plans for dealing with riots

  1. Lucille says:

    Very well done. I don’t recall hearing Michael Knowles before though his face is familiar, but think he’s an excellent interviewer. There’s a naturalness to his presentation that is appealing. I also like the format of having a 3-person rather than just a one-on-one interview.

    During this lead-up to the re-election of Donald Trump, this 3-person type of interview might be used to better show that our President doesn’t have horns, is not a racist or white supremacist, has a great but unusual sense of humor, and is actually quite charming. A whole series of these Presidential interviews could be undertaken without the usual “moderator” types such as Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    Had already listened earlier. AG Barr seems to be a man of great intellect and thought, intimately familiar with the law, yet current with recent developments. It appears he went into this with eyes wide open, knowing full well into which he was committing himself. Mrs AG Barr must be a saint.

    That said, still don’t think AG Barr realizes just how bad the DOJ, and most especially FBI, are immersed in rampant lying, sedition, and deceit.

    Should remain mute re: Ted Cruz as many here like him, so shall confine my words to – tedious, at best.

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  3. czarowniczy says:

    The mayor of Seattle’s saying she’ll dismantle the CHOP/CHAZ over the indeterminate ‘next few days’. Interesting save on her part as the ‘experiment’ is already falling apart, many people have left since they ran out of food and they’ve started beating/stabbing/shooting each other. The hip-hop artist cum leader of the commune expects it to completely fall apart inside of a week, all that will be left are a some die hards with no place else to go and the police should be able to get them to mosey along.

    Her Honor will probably try top take credit for the resolution but that should be short-lived as there are already residents and business owners lining up at lawyers’ offices saying they’re going to sue the city bling over its failure to due diligence in protecting their private property. This will still be going on long after the mayor leaves office.

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Great interview. Glad I made time to listen to it. Sometimes these things are just a repeat of what they have said over and over before. This one wasn’t.

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