President Trump signs Executive Order on police reform

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1 Response to President Trump signs Executive Order on police reform

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Here’s where I have a problem: banning the chokehold. Problem is that there are multiple kinds of chokeholds and there are times when you need what the revisionists call a chokehold to solve the problem.

    One of the first tings you learn is that THE most probable time for an encounter with a suspect to go south is when you try to put the cuffs on him. A mild mannered suspect can become a raging bull the sec he feels those cuffs touch and the battle’s om. If you have a suspect who’s particularly out of his head it’s an adrenaline-fueled brawl and the easiest way to take that perp down is a ‘chokehold’, where the head goes the body goes. It’s difficult as all hell to control someone trying to kick your butt by grabbing them around the chest or going boxing with them and they’re not wearing some 10 pounds of equipment around their waists.

    As it is there’s a lot of folks who’ll fight police now, knowing it can take a misdemeanor straight to a felony and by limiting methods of response. So if a perp grabs your Asp, your taser, your gun, your pepper spray you can’t use whatever method necessary to protect yourself? We already have lost the ability to do high-speed pursuits in many cities, pursuits being limited to posted speeds and exceeding it requiring supervisory permissions with the supervisor knowing his career hangs on his decision. One more step into allowing criminals to be criminals with minimal official interference.

    Our sheriff was black and told us that he didn’t pay us to get into fist fights, if a contact started to go hands-on then we were to use whatever reasonable force was necessary to end the resistance, now it seems the new genre of pols wants the criminals to have an edge. I’m trying to talk my GGS out of wanting to be a cop. I’m also awaiting changes in the civilian’s ability to defend themselves with deadly force.


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