Hail to the Junta: Biden Says Military Would Remove Trump with Great Dispatch

H/T Ad rem Puddy!

Diana West interview about the background behind the cabal of generals and admirals currently trying to undermine President Trump. As she refers to it….the “rolling coup”.

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7 Responses to Hail to the Junta: Biden Says Military Would Remove Trump with Great Dispatch

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Perhaps the generals will, in general (yeah, I know) coups start with generals or a colonel – a general in training. Generals have a much wider reach across the breadth and depth of the military BUT they need the complicity of other generals.

    The Army, Marines of Air Force can’t do a coup by themselves, the least force would have to be a combination of Army (ground) and Air Force (air) to control the battle space. Then there’s the National Guard where each state’s commanding general is politically appointed by the governor and most officer promotions are politically controlled. I can remember when a Rat gov would get voted out and a Republican one would come in, there’d be droves of Guard officers knocking on Reserve unit doors looking for a home.

    Then you have those generals and colonels, not to mention lower grade officers, who’d refuse to obey an illegal order. You’d also have a problem all through the military were a coup to take place, what makes you think the members in the ranks would be any happier with a coup than the civilians would be? If there were an uprising in the civilian population there’d surely be one in the military which actually signs a piece of paper that says they’ll defend the country and the Constitution.

    Biden just runs his mouth, he’s probably been talking to generals who made their chops under Obama, generals who are uniformed politicians who’ll tell Joe what he thinks is what he hears, they have far more experience in subtilty than Joe has. Matter of fact I’d like to be a fly on the O-Club wall to hear what they say about Joe saying they’d dishonor the oath they took?

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    • czarowniczy says:

      I know Biden was talking about the military removing Trump if he lost the election and refused to leave but to me that was Biden’s underhanded, slimy-speak hinting at a ‘7 Days in May’ scenario, that the military would remove him when the military had no official policing role in the WH, the SS and the FPS would have that job. What Joe wanted you to hear was ‘Military…remove…Trump’.

      I could say that ‘Biden’s not that stupid to believe the military would remove Trump’, having been Obama’s white beard he must know the protocols there…unless ghat Aricept ain’t kicking in. I think that may have been a purposeful statement on his part.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    Listened to this overnight.
    Love Diana West, she is the best, and her research skills on these guy’s backgrounds are without equal. There is no doubt these guys are all Globalist Swamp Creatures.

    And yet.

    What czar says ^^^^^ is what would happen, imo.
    Having been one of the Non-Essential enlisted masses (orders for Quantico are coming any day now…) one may be certain no enlisted would go along with any of these retired Bozos.
    We are not dumb. Everyone knows about Obama’s over 200 sacrificial lambs, and the mindset of those retained.
    They are legends, in their own minds only.

    One disagreement with czar – not so certain about what Biden knows and does not know.
    Biden has considered himself royalty for decades, rooted more firmly during Obama’s reign. Biden just might believe all would shut and obey, like they did for Obama.
    Biden is a sad caricature of all D.C. Swamp Creatures.

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    Finally found this this morning. I had seen it last night, but my computer locked up and I just made a point to listen to it this morning after I got up. LOL Of course, I didn’t remember where I saw it and have spent a lot of time trying to find it. But, I did. I listened to every word. It was so interesting. I am very impressed with her. Thanks for posting it, Stella. 🙂

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  4. jeans2nd says:

    Something has been niggling re: Diana West. Finally remembered last night.
    This will go against the crowd, as usual. Beaten and bloodied is a condition i’d sworn never to re-experience. You all have been tolerant w/me and my foolish thoughts, so will try here.

    Diana West has spoken with Jason Goodman before, several times. About a month ago, Ms West outlined her theory that Rep Devin Nunes is actually working against Pres Trump, possibly unconsciously or unknowingly.

    Ms West based her theory on Rep Nunes not following the original rabbit hole of who hacked the DNC server. Ms West then lists several more mistakes she believes Rep Nunes has made, either through incompetence or deliberately.

    The problem is many, if not most, of the answers have been given by Rep Nunes himself. Rep Nunes, like most of Congress, did not know Donald Trump, and had no reason to trust or believe him. Rep Nunes was familiar with Russia’s actions and propaganda. Blaming Russia was a logical conclusion at that time.

    Further, the DNC is a private political organization. The FBI was notified for political purposes only. Most recognized that. Rep Nunes also trusted the D.C. media, until Rep Nunes found the un-maskings Jan 2017. Ms West also discounted former NSA guy Bill Binney, who has himself answered Ms West’s questions.

    There is much more. Ms West does her further, most excellent, in-the-weeds work, and again, Ms West is impressive. The problem is, Goodman is not inquisitive, except when it fits his current agenda.

    All this being said, Ms West needs tested against facts already known, as with everyone else. The only Truth found in life is Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    Here’s the vid, if interested & time available.
    Apologies for being so wordy. Some things need to be said, and putting this next door is fruitless.

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