Black Lives Matter Kills People

The facts in this video are still true.

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5 Responses to Black Lives Matter Kills People

  1. czarowniczy says:

    I’m presuming a lot of you aren’t old enough to have lived thru the riots of the late 60s and early 70s, they were what these are except the intrapersonal communications are far better now.

    One of the prime objectives in those paleolithic riots was to neuter the police, sound familiar? The Left knows the police are the protectors of the state and they need the state’s protection severely limited, if not eliminated, before they can have any hope of success…think Okhrana out, Cheka in.

    Several police jurisdictions in the US tried the ‘kindler gentler’ approach, they traded the militaristic police uniform for blazers and sports slacks…respect for police went down while attacks on police went up…”Honest judge, I thought it was just some wied white guy trying to cuff me so I cuffed him!”. Some even experimented with having officers leave their firearms at the station after shift. The idea was that an officer was only paid for eight hours, he’s only a cp for 8 hours and has no state sanction to carry a gun outside of those eght hours, After all, what could POSSIBLY happen? The same folks fought the Federal bill that guaranteed retired LEA at all levels to carry firearms interstate for their protection. After a life of irritating criminals, especially at the Federal level, to have to call a cop and wait for a response if you run into some pissed-off POS you arrested and put away for looooong time…

    It’s 1970 all over again, a geriatric Ayers hands the Bengay baton to Obama and his krewe of cultural termites. Get ready for November…the cops know what’s happening too.

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