Good News!! (& happy stories), May 17, 2020

Home science experiment.

Homemade lava lamps are easy to make and readily available in your own kitchen.


1/2 cup of vegetable oil

2 tablespoons of water

8-10 drops of food coloring

1 tablet of alka seltzer

Bernice Arthur called the 90-year-old woman and discovered the heartbreaking reason she had no trash to put out. “She just didn’t have nothing to eat,” Arthur said, “and that’s why she had no trash to put out there.”

For more than two weeks, the elderly woman had no way to leave her home or get groceries amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She was running out of food, and Hometown Hauling decided it wanted to help.

“She has no family, nobody,” Arthur said. “I said, ‘You do have a family now’.”

In my neighborhood.

I like this.

“DMV” is something different here.

I’m familiar with this.

Good for Guy!

Yes it is.

Beautiful pup!

Someone has a good sense of humor!


Yes, indeed.

This very cute baby is Diana Gabaldon’s grandson (author of Outlander). Sam Sykes is her son. He’s also a writer.

Charlie’s prayer.

Get up and dance (or sing.) Have a great day.

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9 Responses to Good News!! (& happy stories), May 17, 2020

  1. MaryfromMarin says:

    Love the one about a child’s heart. It breaks MY heart, because it makes me think about the children in my class, who I miss so much.

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Oh, that poor 90 yr old lady. What wonderful trashmen to notice her lack of trash, look into it, and do something about it.

    What fun! The laughing baby, Great Balls of Fire, and the doggies. 😀

    That guy jumping in front of the train is going to get his one of these days. SMH

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  3. JTR says:

    I know you like Outlander. There is an Outlander cookbook going for cheap today!

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  4. Lucille says:

    “I would like to be in the country so I can enjoy being in the city.” HOW TRUE IS THAT!

    Love that Fieri is giving monies to restaurant workers. Makes me so sad about the restaurants, which are often on a slim profit margin anyway. The Mom ‘n Pop fast food places around the upper Panhandle are all closed and it’ll be a miracle if they can re-open. Out of 1.75 million state residents and only 73 deaths, are all the ruined lives of the living worth the close-down we’re experiencing?

    Our Republican governor, Brad Little, instituted all the lockdown orders. I didn’t vote for him in the primary two years ago as he’s a CINO. It was a foregone conclusion that whoever won the Republican primary would be the next governor since we’re a solid Republican state. Amazingly enough, the capital–Boise–is the center of leftism in our legislature. A lot of folks in my area pretty much ignore the rules on a personal basis, but as far as I know, businesses have complied. Never thought I’d see Idaho have such fascist edicts in place.

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  5. czarina33 says:

    Wonderful range today! From the pointilism painting, to the crazy way to wash hair, to puppies, and, of course, good people!

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  6. The Tundra PA says:

    I can’t play any of the videos, just get a message that says “The media cannot be played.” But I can “like” and I can comment without problem. Any idea what that’s about? Doesn’t happen on any other site. Have signed out and signed back in to WordPress, didn’t help. Frustrating.


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