Good News!! (& happy stories), May 15, 2020

It’s still too early to put much faith on polls, but this seems like good news.

True enough.

Oh my!


We need something to laugh about.

More people doing what they can.

Wow. Being short probably helps.

Doing his duty! Now during COVID-19 Parker tallies what the Gustavus residents need, taking orders by phone for everything from washing machines to eggs—before making his weekly 7-hour journey to the Alaskan capital to stock up. It’s the ultimate challenge for a grocer, who must shift an enormous amount of stock for notoriously slim profit margins.

We have to keep smiling!

Another teen does a good deed.

I wonder if this would work for coronavirus?

I have a neighbor like this. He’s a dog magnet.

Love this.

I do this. Do you?

Another good word.

Sweet kitty.

Charlie’s prayer. A familiar one today.

Have a happy day!

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4 Responses to Good News!! (& happy stories), May 15, 2020

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    The meeting with the dogs is too funny. I sent it to my son so he will know what not to do when he is in one of these meetings from work. {snort} And, I love the cat seriously enjoying his hooman playing the piano with him. 🙂

    Love the Sillywalk signs. What fun!

    Wow. That grocer in Alaska is really putting out a lot of effort. Amazing to see.

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  2. Menagerie says:

    I’m loving the dog video. Good grief, they cracked me up. Mabel is my kinda gal.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Lucille says:

    Lots of good and happy things here, Stella. Loved Mr. Andrew Cotter and his two interviewees…still chucking. He has several other funny vids starring his Labs onhis YT channel.

    Here’s a good, though short, interview with…Mike Garcia by Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First

    I think he’s going to be a real asset.

    BTW, no way is it going to be Saturday tomorrow. It was Caturday only yesterday, wasn’t it?

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