White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Briefing, May 12, 2020

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3 Responses to White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Briefing, May 12, 2020

  1. stella says:

    To her point about mental health and the shutdown, just posted by a friend on Facebook:

    Ok, my heart is still jumping. Hello, pals, been a while. I just came back from a store and in last 20 minutes I was faced w two lunatics, one of whom almost physically attacked me breaking the CVS entry door w his foot as I was coming in. I don’t remember ever being so scared and shrieking so loudly from fear, and he raised his arm to hit me but missed because I took a step back. He yelled loudly “FU bitch!” and just walked away while I stood there holding my breath to level out my heart beat. Managers came out and were mostly unfazed, they apologized to me for this scumbag, but it seemed as if they didn’t know how to make sense of it themselves. Who could! Just few minutes before this incident I was walking from a local grocery store where a woman shouted through her mask holding 2 grocery bags “THIS IS SO FUCKING DEPRESSING!”. I looked behind me thinking she was speaking to someone on the phone through headphones but there was no one she was speaking to. I wanted to stop and ask if I can help w anything. I didn’t. I wasn’t sure it was welcomed or if she’d lash out at me. Had I stopped w her I would have missed the incident few mnts later at the CVS.

    Guys, I don’t live in some crazy neighborhood. This is midtown Columbus Circle Manhattan. The heart of the city. People are losing their effing mind and going stir crazy. There is no excuse for that bastard who broke the CVS door and tried to hit me for happened to merely be standing there. But, people have had it. I feel sad for that woman. I probably should have stopped.


    • lovely says:

      So sad. We are not meant to not interact with each other, our spirits are drawn to each other, social distancing is not a Godly or mentally healthy way of living.


  2. Gary says:

    I live in central N.J. ( I can feel you cringe ) and have noticed the uptick in aggressive behavior in public which is why my wife nor either daughter in laws leaves their homes alone. We have offered all elderly and female neighbors the same. My position is simple, we have been deprived of such basic rights as of late that I refuse to allow them to be too frightened (or vulnerable) to leave their homes.


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