Good News!! (& happy stories), May 6, 2020

Just for fun!

All right, Kroger!

Not the same kind of dog, but he reminds me of Tucker – rolling on his back with his ears in goofy positions.

I wonder what all the tape is for.

Cat pics were popular even back then.

Pretty! Never heard this, but apparently this is in England.

Good for you, Nike!

A favorite poem.

Never knew this existed!

My crazy Stella did this when she was a puppy.

Will summer ever come?


Now, if I could just afford it …

Falls into the life goes on category, I think. I do believe those are strawberries!

I do love her recipes, but none of them are low calorie. Pandemic cooking isn’t helping me lose weight, as it is.

More life goes on!

More people doing good.

I didn’t know this. Did you? Crazy Quebec!

Another positive study.


Positive news!

Charlie’s prayer.

Have a happy day!

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10 Responses to Good News!! (& happy stories), May 6, 2020

  1. Lucille says:

    Speaking of confinement activities such as food preparation…California Olive Ranch sent out their newsletter today containing this delicious looking and, no doubt, tasting recipe…I’m dying for some focaccia…

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  2. Menagerie says:

    Every Golden Retriever we had loved to play with themselves in the mirror.

    I saw an article recently where the tested the most recommended chocolate cake recipes found online. Ina’s won, with such glowing praise it made you want to bake it right then.

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    😯 They put the nuclear bomb together with duct tape?????

    I love Ina Garten’s recipes. I have a friend who ate only her recipes for a month, then went to her doctor’s appt. She had gained 10 lbs, but her good cholesterol went up and her bad went down. LOL

    Great list today.

    I think Charlie Daniels prays the most practical, beautiful, useful prayers.

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