Good News!! (& happy stories), April 16, 2020

Rube Goldberg/Mousetrap Game, Pandemic edition. Good way to use up that hoarded toilet paper.

Important to remember that “new cases” are those who test positive, not necessarily people who are deathly ill, or even ill at all.

I once had a dog that looked like this sweetie. Smartest dog I ever owned, she came from the Humane Society of Michigan. Mine was (we think) a cross between a beagle and some kind of retriever.

Bet they don’t last long!

So many good and kind Americans.

Drugs seem to be working. Why not try them when a patient is dangerously ill?

90% test negative.

Apparently, he’s still going.

Another Brit with really good genes!

Really good news.

Look at these cuties.


This is good, but I wonder when it is expected to be restored.

“I got some fake teeth for some quarantine comic relief and well… Thomas stole them off of the table.”

Charlie’s prayer.

Be happy!

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2 Responses to Good News!! (& happy stories), April 16, 2020

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    I am sure part of the reason they don’t want to promote the Trump cocktail is because he promoted it. Also, I think there is an even more morbid reason: there are people who want the dead numbers, think Pelosi and Gov Cuomo, to be higher and don’t care who dies to accomplish this.

    These are really uplifting tweets today. I really laughed at the alpacas and the little dog with the teeth.

    I hope Sam’s Club is doing that all over the U.S. and that the health workers take advantage of it.

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  2. Lucille says:

    I thought this the best place to post Fr. Mitch Pacwa’s excellent homily on the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ! He is risen, indeed! That is the great proclamation of faith…to believe He is truly risen and the meaning of His resurrection in our lives.

    Daily Readings and Homily for April 15, 2020
    (Run to 5:50 for Fr. Mitch reading the Gospel: St. Luke 24:13-35 and then giving the homily.)

    Fr. Mitch: “And we have to accept His commission, every one of us, the commission to go out and preach this Gospel, preach what He helps us understand and help the rest of our society understand as well.

    “A crisis like this pandemic, and the economic problems and all that, will do this…the good people will show themselves to become better in the face of a crisis. The bad people are showing themselves to become worse. Our task is to be among those who become better through it and help the people who are not committed to goodness know Jesus Christ and His way to holiness and ultimately to heaven.”

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