General Discussion, Saturday, April 4, 2020

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  1. Lucille says:


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  2. czarowniczy says:

    Looking for a measure/gauge of your county’s social distancing practices? Lookie here:

    I have some problems with their metrics as applied to my county but it’s fun to look at.

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    • lovely says:

      Well WI has a B rating but we have Milwaukee so likely that has an F bringing the entire state all down. The click on your state feature doesn’t work for me.

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    • stella says:

      The problem with this is that the lowest rated states have the least population density and vice versa. In Wyoming you MUST travel farther to do anything. No corner stores there.

      I’m guessing that in states like Nevada and Alaska most of the people live in cities.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        Yup, my biggest problem. Here we got a ‘F’ but much of the county is rural and much of the economy requires moving around. Logging can still go on as it’s done by people driving machines. No one gets within 50 feet of anybody mostly and the drivers flitting through the woodlot with their cells in their pockets look suspicious to these folks. Ditto the farmers/ranchers moving around the farms and ranches on various vehicles or moving between points they need to use to support their work.

        The one big city we have, big for us, has folks who need to go to stores as they’re out of stuff and need replenishment. With the stores being a problem too there’s always that ‘multiple trips to find one thing’ and folks way out when they come in leave a big phone trail.

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      • The Tundra PA says:

        I’m guessing that in states like Nevada and Alaska most of the people live in cities.

        Absolutely. Alaska has a population of 735,000 people and 49% (360,000) live in the 3 cities of Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau. There are 148 incorporated “cities” in Alaska (some very small, towns or villages really); they occupy only 2% of the land, but contain over 69% of the population.

        Overall, I found this article difficult to process. Alaska is not even on their map of the US, but in the graph at the side, Alaska is listed in the Top 5 States.

        DH and I are pretty much just staying home. Which is not all that different from our pre-Chinese virus days. The main difference is not going to church and not eating in restaurants. Grocery stores still have some empty shelves, but not as bad as a couple of weeks ago. Most are still limiting TP purchase to 2 packages per person.

        And best of all, the snow is noticeably starting to melt! The pack on the roof is still a foot deep, but we can see shingles just above the gutters. Hallelujah!

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  3. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ y’all!

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Mornin’ everyone. Sunny here and about 71* heading toward 90* again. Got some horror movies lined up to while away the day.

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  5. czarowniczy says:

    If there’s a bright edge to the COVID cloud we’ve seen a marked drop in robocalls!

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  6. czarowniczy says:

    India’s driving me nuts, so far they’re reporting just over 3000 COVID cases and while they’re reporting the expected increased deaths in those with the usual underlying conditions 4% of their cases are in the 21 to 40 year old group and only 17% in those over 60. There may be a number of endemic reasons affecting the statistics but I’m going to keep watching, something doesn’t seem right.

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    • stella says:

      I have a feeling that most of the statistics we are seeing, including those in the USA, are based on caca. As they say: garbage in, garbage out.

      Or as Twain said:

      Figures often beguile me, particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.”

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      • czarowniczy says:

        I had a lot of statistics classes in under and grad school and various intel schools. One thing I learned is they are a valuable ‘tool’. The tool is neutral, the wielder shapes the final product.

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        • rheavolans says:

          My stats instructor used to say, “Statistics don’t lie, people do.”

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        • Menagerie says:

          If only the masses understood this. If you know a little about statistics you almost never give any credibility to polls, reports, statistics used for public consumption especially, and I question whatever the government uses because mathematicians might try to eliminate bias but politicians pay for it.

          To be fair to the damned statistician liars, I think people, especially Americans, poll hop, looking for what they want, what enforces their particular beliefs or enables them to avoid facing their great fears. That’s why you have opposing polls, contrary studies, etc.

          Out there somewhere, even as we type, some group is depositing a quarter (.25x=mega $$$ here) in some pollsters or lab or university sponsored study’s piggy bank and in a few days (y = days or months or years) out will pop the very solution to the equation they asked for and supplied the answer to when contracting with said company, who only had to do a very easy backwards solution to find the variables that give the answer paid for.

          Mathematically, there are infinite ways to come up with a formula that solves for any specified answer, and nowadays, that’s big business. Even math nerds love money!

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        • Col.(R) Ken says:


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      • czarowniczy says:

        Then there are polls…

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  7. stella says:

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  8. rheavolans says:

    I heard that Dr Fauci has been nominated for Sexiest Man of the Year because his presence is so calming on the air and informative or something. I had to go back to Aesop’s place to try and see why that name rang so many bells – not in a good way. Turns out that Fauci is the guy who was saying that we shouldn’t quarantining medical professionals who had been in Ebola hot zones. Uh-huh. Six years ago this guy gaslit the whole country over the dangers of Ebola. Now they think he’s the greatest things ever.

    I think this guy is a chameleon. He is whatever the current president needs him to be. Obola thought that America shouldn’t close the borders (really, I think he wanted this country to have an outbreak of Ebola) so what does Fauci do? Goes on TV and says “You don’t need to worry about quarantine.” Sure, everyone who has to be near an Ebola patient is in a full Hazmat suit, but don’t worry. We’re sure we don’t need to quarantine these people who’ve been exposed.

    Now President Trump wants people to not be panicking about ChiComVid-19. What does Fauci do? Magically becomes a calming presence.


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  9. czarowniczy says:

    Ahhhhhh…Walmart. Went there today and they had laundry sanitizer and laundry soap, so I gots me some. Just for kicks I went down the bread aisle and * viola! * they had tons of bread. I picked two up and put them in the basket.

    The woman in front of me at checkout had 3 small bottles of bleach so when they got to the cashier the cashier told her store policy was only two per customer. She said that there was no sign but she’s also shopping for her elderly mother and one of them is for her. Cashier repeats that ‘it’s store policy’ and refuses to budge. The woman looks at me and asks if I’ll buy it for her is she gives me the money? I said ‘sure’ and the cashier says ‘it’s store policy…’ to wit I say ‘can you tell me store policy about what a purchase is?’. Cashier finally gives up, I buy the bleach and giver her the bottle and the change.

    Comes my turn she grabs my two loaves of bread and says: “store policy is…”, and I cut her off with: “There’s no sign.” She goes right back to: “It’s store policy…” when the guy right behind me, who’s watched the whole thing, says to the cashier: ‘Do you want me to buy the bread for him?” and the cashier just folds and rings them up.

    Never a dull moment at the Big Box.

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  10. Lucille says:

    Trump Drains The Swamp, Keeps His Promise with Judge Justin Walker
    Posted: Apr 03, 2020 by Mike Davis

    President Trump continues his record-breaking transformation of the federal judiciary with the selection of Judge Justin Walker — a young, brilliant conservative legal mind and everyday American — for the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Walker, a new federal trial judge in Louisville, Kentucky, is a first-generation college graduate, an outside-the-beltway legal powerhouse, and a committed constitutionalist who understands a judge’s modest, but critical, role is to interpret the law as written — not how that judge wishes it were written if he were a senator. Very few Trump could pick for this sought-after seat would better demonstrate the president’s commitment to draining the swamp.

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  11. stella says:

    On the food front, I’m making Instant Pot yogurt right now. The pot makes it really easy! Leftovers for dinner, but making chili and bread tomorrow.

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  12. lovely says:

    Went for a 4 mile hike with my friend today, the sun was beautiful sparkling on the river.

    Saw a wasp nest

    The bare trees were really neat silhouetted against the sky.

    Most of the trail was drab but it runs along the Fox river so it was still a lovely hike in the woods.

    We didn’t run into a lot of people but everyone we did run into was extremely friendly and chatty, maybe, just maybe we will come out of this circus with a little more recognition of the humanity in others.

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