Coronavirus on the ground status reports

Please share anything you wish about what is happening in your area, from counts of cases/deaths to how well your local market is stocked, how many people are shopping, restrictions etc.

I live in Oakland County, MI, which has the second highest number of cases and deaths in the state. The population of the county is about 1.2 million. We have 2,785 positive cases, and 142 deaths, as of this afternoon. In my zip code there are 22,761 people, and 58 total cases.

I live within a few blocks of Wayne County, which has the most cases and deaths in the state: 6,762/252.

Michigan has a total of 14,225 confirmed cases and 479 deaths (death toll also reported as 540.) The population of Michigan is about 10 million. Three of the deaths have been nurses.

The three nurses were employed by 3 different medical institutions: Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, the Detroit VA Medical Center and Omni Continuing Care (nursing home), also in Detroit.

Dr. Nick Gilpin, medical director for infection prevention at Beaumont Health (my hospital system) says he’s “not sure any level of preparedness would have been enough” to respond to the pandemic.

“I think it’s fair to say that Detroit is getting crushed right now. … We were watching China and trying to anticipate how this would play out, but under the circumstances, this has been so fast and heavy.”

Beaumont Health hospitals are 70% to 80% occupied by COVID-19 patients.

Staffing shortages, Gilpin said, will likely become the biggest challenge over the next few weeks if the surge in cases carries on. He offered one strategy to remediate this potential issue, which he called “load balancing.”

“We have a significant amount of COVID concentrated in metro Detroit,” he said. “But if you drive 30 minutes away, you see considerably less COVID in that part of the state. So we could take some of our existing patients and potentially move them to other facilities for care, or perhaps we could take some ventilators or resources from areas less affected and fairly balance the load between us.”

I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I use a grocery delivery service. It has become increasingly difficult to schedule a delivery due to the demand caused by population lock-down and fear of person-to-person contact in the supermarket. I made a shopping list yesterday at about 5:00 pm, but have not been able yet to obtain a delivery time slot. Believe me, I tried, all the way up to 5:30 am today, and periodically since. Fortunately, I am not in dire need of anything, but have been attempting to keep a stocked pantry as well as is possible. My neighbor has also volunteered to get groceries for me when she shops, if I need anything.

I chatted with the customer service rep on line. They couldn’t tell me anything that I didn’t already know: they have more requests than they are able to fulfill in a timely manner.



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  1. rheavolans says:

    After a couple of weeks of panic by the general public, when I ventured out of the house earlier this week, things seem to have settled down. Food at the stores was picked over but nothing was really gone that I noticed food-wise except frozen goods. Other items were available, just maybe not the brand or flavor that was wanted. No chicken noodle soup. Did not check paper aisle or cleaning products. I’m in East Central Indiana.

    Saw a couple while I was put, looked to be late high school age, walking around the store talking, laughing, and touching things. Not shopping, just using the store as a place to hang out. Briefly debated whether or not to point them out to the store workers, but I don’t know if the big box stores are finally willing to start throwing people out over crap like that. I settled for doing what I needed then racing home to shower, change clothes, and wipe the groceries down with a Lysol wipe.

    I have heard that you can use water and white vinegar to disinfect produce. Had anyone heard of this method or used it before?

    83 total dead here yesterday, 116 today. Don’t know the total number of cases for either day. Holcomb waited until 2:30 on Friday to extend the stay at home order. Wish he had done that a bit sooner. The new one is slated to end on the 21st.

    Stella my family in MI keeps reposting things from officials Up North telling the downstaters who have decided it’s vacation time to stay home. Any update on that? Or are people still traveling?

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    • stella says:

      I don’t think that vinegar and water will kill viruses, but I have also read that plain water can be used to wash produce sufficiently, so who knows?

      I don’t know if people are traveling “up north” during the virus pandemic, but I would bet that they are. After all, if they aren’t working, they may as well be spending time at the cabin. By the way, the governor said that boating and kayaking are allowed activities. From the Detroit News:

      Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw told The News Friday that the governor’s March 24 “Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives” order prohibited recreational use of the state’s waterways. Hours later, John Pepin, a spokesman with the state’s Department of Natural Resources, said boating was allowed under the governor’s order.

      In the wake of the confusion, the governor’s office Friday updated the state website’s “Frequently Asked Questions” associated with Whitmer’s executive order.

      “Boating falls within the outdoor activities permitted under the order,” the website says. “Any outdoor activity, including boating, must be done in a manner consistent with social distancing, and individuals should use only their own equipment to prevent the transmission of the virus through the touching of shared surfaces. Additionally, in accordance with section 2 of the order, persons not part of a single household may not boat together.

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    I am in Central FL. The Walmart that is closest to me is always very busy. Now people are using the grocery pick up more and more and they have also added delivery here. I put my grocery list on their website and wait to see what I won’t get. No TP or eggs for the last month. I finally got some from Publix. Publix has had grocery pickup for a few years and also delivery, but I am not sure how long. They are advertising it more now, though. It seems there are a lot of people on the road, but Gov. De Santis hadn’t told people they had to stay home until recently, I think. Oh, and they have it roped off and are allowing only 200 people in the store at a time. One comes out, one can go in. There is a line outside and people are keeping about 8 feet between them. All pretty civilized for now.

    When I was in Publix, there was plenty of produce along with most things. No TP, however. LOL They had milk, etc., but the shelves were not as full as usual on milk, canned goods, and other things. Oh, and I was able to buy eggs, but the egg shelf was about a 1/3 full.

    Gas was $1.89 a gal. and there was no shortage and lots of people filling up the last time I stopped, just a couple of days ago.

    There are always a lot of people out walking, etc. in this apt. complex. So, they still are, but keeping their distances. I see children playing, but usually only with their family. I don’t see as many old people as usual, though. I guess they are staying in.

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  5. litenmaus says:

    As of March 30th, Montana reports 171 ‘Presumed cases’ and 4 deaths that are being attributed to COVID-19.

    Life & Viruses sometimes come at ya fast!

    I have family members here who raise breeding stock. This is the time of the year that the breeding stock that have been sold in earlier months are tested and then delivered or picked up. During the month of March…my family members are on the road.

    The gov’t requires that cattle be tested before being transported out of state and each year the cattlemen gather and State authorized veterinarians come and a long day of testing occurs…This year however, because of the coronavirus, things were a little up in the air until the last moment…but…

    Tests happened, the semi was loaded and when they hit the Idaho border, the flashing signs over the Interstate proclaimed “Go Home!” Their delivery schedule takes immense cooperation among ranchers & their itinerary was months in the making….this year, they would deliver or pick up breeding stock in four states. They continued on to their first delivery……

    As they pulled the semi into the drive, they were met with a man waving a red flag. The Idaho rancher stood on the porch a major distance away. The flagger informs the family driver that the rancher had just that morning gotten tests results back and he had tested positive for Covid-19. D’oh

    Why didn’t the Rancher call them on the phone and tell them he was positive so they could have aborted the delivery? Answer – Cause he wanted to say hello – ‘Merica!. :0)

    Family members have returned, are doing fine and are in self quarantine.

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  6. JTR says:

    So far, the state of Georgia has had 6383 positives, and 208 deaths. Hall County, next to us, has had 117 positives, and 0 deaths. Our County has had 2 positives and 0 deaths.
    So far the worst problem has been people from Atlanta coming up here and clearing out our stores! I noticed now, the stores have limits on a lot of things. Of course, Atlanta has had the most cases. They have a lot of young people that refuse to socially distance. It’s a real party-town!

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  7. shiloh1973 says:

    Washington State here. My Brother lives in Ottawa County Stela. I started talking to him about all of this a month ago. I told him to stock up on what he might need for a month or too. I didn’t think he believed me. He called Monday, they listened. They bought a freezer and got everything they needed before the stores got stripped. Filled up their pantry too. He called to say thank you.
    Here in Washington, we have been on a stay at home order for quite sometime and it just got extended to April 24th.
    I figured out about 2 months ago, that this was going to happen, so I stocked up and everything I could think of. I always have a lot of survival type food on hand, but wanted to add some soups, stews, canned fruit and vegetable. Also made a couple of big purchases from Schwans. Frozen veggies, meat, single serve meals, pre cooked bacon, etc.
    Washington case count is now 7,612, with 311 deaths. Most people seem to be following the stay at home order, but there are always those few who just can’t seem to do it. I have a Facebook page, that I update every day with world, U.S., and Washington State by County numbers. Any of you are welcome to join. The title is a little misleading, because I started it a few years ago to report on Wildfires. Just hit the join button and I will approve you.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      I’d love to join but I didn’t trust Facebook years ago, we set up phony accounts to track bad guys yet Facebook still managed to get close enough to our real identities so that we had people we really didn’t want to talk to in our ‘;real’ lives getting recommended to us as friends. The stuff Google knows about me from scanning my emails and sites I visit is enough to make me angry and they are enough of an intrusion.

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  8. czarowniczy says:

    Wellll, snuggled right north of Slidell, Louisiana (bedroom community to NOLA) our county has 55,000 residents, I’m told, but I don’t know where they all are.

    We’re heavily rural, historically we’ve been a summer getaway for NOLA folks who could afford it and were sick of living in a sauna for 6 months out of the year. We still have quite a number of folks who work in NOLA and commute either by car or one of the daily commuter bus services.

    State has our county with 43 cases and one death though the number of cases may jump as the county’s started wholesale testing. We’re not hearing which of the city’s has the number of cases but I’m betting it’s the one with the alleged 33,000 population where so many of the NOLA commuters live. The far and ranch areas don’t mix that much outside of the infrequent trips to town so I’m betting they’re pretty clean but those folks in our Big City like to mix it up. I was in town today (wearing my N95 mask) and the grocery stores were still pretty packed, so…

    As far as NOLA I’m seeing the mayor getting pissed as there are still block parties going on, they’ve had some 200ish police responses to ‘illegal’ gatherings since the mayor issued her dictum, pure NOLA – no one listens. I know that while we were in town yesterday the traffic wasn’t bumper-to-bumper but it was still heavy.

    I think people are tired of the BS. The politics, the indecisiveness, the knee-jerk responses and the sheer lack of confidence that government at all levels is creating. FEMA was created over 40 years ago to respond to disasters too big for the city, county and state to handle and it’s failed to be responsive in any number of disasters, it’s lack of foresight and planning in the COVID pandemic should be its last, last straw. This is exactly one of the scenarios it was designed to manage, heaven knows how many bio-incidents it’s supposed to have planned for from a Russian biowar scenario to a Moslem terrorist bio-attack to just this sort of pandemic. Remember the years, right after 911, where we were panicked over an AQ bio-attack? How about the recent pandemic tabletops? Washington taking our money and not doing ****.

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  9. czarina33 says:

    I work in a hospitals in Slidell and our county, went to both today. Business as usual except everyone wears masks all the time and gowns when with suspected or positive patients. I feel safer in the hospitals than in the grocery stores which people wander and pass without appropriate distancing (yeah, wish they’d all wear masks, I do). On the way home I went thru a roadblock of 4 county cops at a teen gathering place on the small river, presumably to roust them for gathering. Gas is down to $1.75 a gallon. My temp is taken when I enter and leave one hospital, only when I enter the other. Staff in the hospitals are very polite and kind, people in the stores don’t talk, cashiers talk too much and they are too close. There is NO rush hour traffic! A couple of restaurants near the Slidell hospital look Iike they closed completely, but the Picayune Waffle House put tables and chairs outside a safe distance apart so people can dine on site.

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