Good News!! (& happy stories), March 30, 2020

Good news broadcast!

Those who can are doing.

Cute kitty!

Feeding those who are tending the sick.


The little turtles are really cute.

Strange animal friends.

Thank you, President Trump.

Let’s hear it for home schooling!

The USNS Comfort sails into New York harbor! (and Rachel Maddow can suck eggs)

Oh dear.

Well, it may not cure the virus, but sounds like fun to me.

Charlie’s prayer.

A favorite.

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3 Responses to Good News!! (& happy stories), March 30, 2020

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    Vodka [Smirnoff] is medicinal
    Also used as a preventative

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    That good news video was so good. It made me actually laugh out loud. I always like Krasinsky anyway.

    Any animal seems to be able to make friends outside its species, but dogs seem to be especially good at it.

    The squirrels stealing the food is hilarious. They will be watching for more.

    Yes, good news is so needed. 🙂

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  3. jeans2nd says:

    That vodka sauna treatment – sounds terribly fun (yup, double meaning there…). Let us teetotalers how it works out 😉

    Mama Cardinal showed up today, right outside my kitchen window. And not a moment too soon.
    All Snowbirds will understand.
    It is the best news for us!

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