Today’s Twitter picks …

And stupid. The world has gone mad. By the way, sorry to bore you with mostly coronavirus news, but that’s about all there is.

More panic. Colleges are sending students home. At least they have on line classes. My daughter is on her way to get my older grandson at college, and the younger son is already home from high school.

It’s insane. There are 39 deaths in the United States, and most of them were elderly in care facilities in Washington State. 31 out of 39.

Good news.

There are some positives. Add to this list that the globalists are taking a big hit.

Our good friend WaltzingMtilda is right.

Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat posse are usually disgusting. Never let a crisis go to waste.

Good for the Senate.

I never knew hand washing could be so entertaining!

Tune in to our President at 3:00 pm today!

And there are good people in this world!

Charlie’s prayer.

Another great day!

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29 Responses to Today’s Twitter picks …

  1. FrankieZee says:

    The country has lost its mind.

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10


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  2. stella says:

    All K-12 schools are closed in Michigan, including public, private and boarding.

    The closures start Monday and will end on April 5, according to officials. Schools are scheduled to reopen on Monday, April 6.

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    • hocuspocus13 says:

      Too bad they didn’t do this back in 2009 with the H1N1 swine flu

      60 million Americans would have been spared being infected

      And nearly 13,000 lives saved


      • jeans2nd says:

        hp, Sharyl Atkinson told Bannon this morning about her experience with the CDC and swine flu. Atkinson said the CDC refused to honor FOIA requests, and said eventually the CDC stopped testing for swine flu altogether, rather, the CDC just lumped all flu and flu deaths together and called them all swine flu.

        Sharyl said she wrote an article about this, apparently at John Solomon’s site (Just The News), but i cannot find it, so cannot speak to the veracity. Atkinson is usually fairly reliable, but there is her stance toward vaccinations, you know…

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    • MaryfromMarin says:

      All schools cancelled for at least two weeks here in Marin County, CA. So I have two weeks off… Time to plant the garden so I’ll have the food I might not be able to get later on…hey! maybe I can find seeds for toilet paper trees and hand sanitizer vines!

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      • czarowniczy says:

        Cities cancelled all of the Sty Patrick and St Joseph parades and any other public functions on city/state property, even cancelled the big gun show this weekend so GGS and I are going to the 16-arena theater which is still going to be open. We’re going to see a Vin Diesel movie so, as with Chuck Norris movies, the coronavirus wouldn’t dare enter the room!


    • czarowniczy says:

      Still open down here.


  3. auscitizenmom says:

    I wondered what this was about. I think it was Jessica Tarlov that yesterday said that the Republicans were holding up the stimulus bill over pro-life amendments. It appears it is the Demoncraps who threw in some pro-death amendments.

    That old couple who was afraid to go in the store made me cry. Terrible to be that scared. But, wonderful that she found a loving, caring person to help. And, wonderful that there is somebody to help and maybe set up an organization that will help people in the area.

    I barely remember the H1N1 virus. I wasn’t watching the news as closely then of course, but I think this is being highly overhyped and Pres. Trump has to respond to it. And, I am very suspicious about what is going on with the CDC.

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  4. Gary says:

    Twitter scares me in a member of the same species sort of way but you’ve got to admit, whoever named it..nailed it.


  5. czarina33 says:

    Unless they are using toilet paper to wipe their noses (my mother never bought tissues, we just pulled off a piece), it seems they have forgotten this is a RESPIRATORY virus.

    Well, the faster test is good news and bad news. The current test takes 72 hours, so this new one will tell yes or no in about 7 hours. The problems are 1. There are 4 million of the slow tests already out there, and 2. The new test will make the numbers jump hysterically in a short time.

    Considering how many members of Congress are over 75 years old, maybe they need to cancel the session and send them home, because like nursing homes it puts lots of people close together to cough on each other. One of these days all Govt. business will be done on the internet instead of live, might as well start now.

    And I love that hymn!

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  6. czarowniczy says:

    The ‘toilet paper’ thing is classic panic behavior. It’s not that they NEED it but they’re hearing that there’s a shortage and everyone’s buying it so they run out and buy it for fear it won’t be there IF they need it, the behavior snowballs on itself. We now have, barring an extended case of house-wide dysentery, we’re good until sometime in July.

    L was talking with my son in Denver and he said they’ve been looking for TP, paper towels and baby wipes for days but everyone’s out as fast as it comes in. Today he got into a tussle with a guy who, while my son was reaching into a cooler for a gallon of milk, pushed him out of the way and started grabbing as many gallons of milk as he could. My son’s slamming the chiller door on the guy got the cops called but they just defused the whole thing as the behavior’s more epidemic than the virus is.

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